Do We Need Flammable Goods Storage Cabinets?

When flammable goods are part of the job, given the knowledge of the hazards they bring, the reason for turning to hazardous storage cabinets is completely understandable and necessary. However, it all depends on the quantity of liquid we’re talking about, but the general rule states that unless the amount is really minimal, all flammable substances should be kept in flammable goods storage cabinets at all times, except when put in use.

flammable goods storage cabinets

For those instances when the hazardous liquids must be transferred or used outside their storage, you have to use appropriate safety cans that feature lids loaded with spring and an internal screen that doesn’t allow compulsion of the contents to take place. These dangerous substances must be stored in dry and cool areas, away from direct sunlight, sources of ignition, oxidizing agents, and the containers must be tightly closed. You should also avoid storing them on high shelves.

When they are not put in use, the containers should be securely sealed as to avoid the probable physical damage. Regular checkups must be conducted in the interest of preventing any kind of unforeseen damage or a leak. The material of the flammable liquids storage cabinet and the supply container should match. You should always keep fire extinguishers near your storage area.

There are several regulations that have to be followed when flammable goods storage cabinets are in question:

  • The material utilized for the creation of the top, bottom, sides and the lid should be highly fire resistant with 30 minutes of integrity so that the risk is minimal;
  • The joints that are placed between the sides, bottom and top of the bins and cupboards shouldn’t have any openings or gaps whatsoever;
  • The lid should fit the frame of the bin/cupboard and there ought to be a nominal overlap right between the frame and lid when they are in closed position;
  • The fastenings and supports should be made of a material that has a melting point greater than 750°C. 

The owner or the duty-holder of the place is accountable for the high standard of the flammable goods storage cabinets and it is his responsibility to ensure that the specifications and the legal requirements are met. Also, it is important to note that the cabinets should not be considered a decent substitute for outdoor storage areas and rooms that are perfect for keeping these substances away and safe for coming in touch with anything that can trigger a flammable process.