Some Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Demolition

Demolition is a process of tearing down buildings and other structures, usually old and unsafe. Such job calls for reputable demolition company which has special construction equipment, such as loader wrecking. If you plan to do the demolition yourself with a rented loader wrecking, you need to obtain a permit from the local city officials before you start tearing down your house. However, it is better to let this task to highly skilled professionals who will make sure no accidents occur during the process. With the use of powerful hydraulic equipment, such as cranes, loader wrecking, excavators or bulldozers, any demolition job can be done in just few hours. There are many factors involved in the demolition process that need to be considered. However, here are some cool facts about demolition you did not know.


  • Generally, the demolition involves use of wrecking balls and explosives. However, there are cases when the demolition companies need to take buildings down by hand. For example, a case when the local ordinances prohibit use of explosives and so the structure cannot be reached by any heavy equipment, such as a loader wrecking or an excavator. In such case, a demolition company would have no other choice, but to take the building down by hand.
  • In the late 1960s, the Israeli government ordered more than 20,000 houses that belong to Palestinians to be demolished, which were considered a part of a web of policies meant to force Palestinians off their own land and make room for expanding Israeli settlements.
  • Demolition companies realized early how to save and generate money by recycling reusable materials. This was long before the recycling became popular all around the world.
  • Severe-duty excavators and wrecking balls with hydraulic systems are used for taking down tall buildings without the need to use the explosives.
  • Demolition companies were environmentally aware before the environmental concern became worldwide popular. Being familiar with all the dangerous chemicals and other materials, the demolition companies need to be forward thinkers.
  • Demolition contractors can help preservationists a lot by letting them know what they need to do in order to save their landmark. This is because they have a lot of knowledge about the structures and they can be dependable supporters.