Freighter – Most Popular Skel Trailer Brand


Freighter is one of the leaders in Australia for transportation trailers. Backed up with experience of over 68 years, Freighter offers some of the finest trailers you can find on the market these days. This Australian-based company has been focused on providing solutions for maximizing the productivity of every transportation company and to lower the drivers fatigue. With highly educated engineers, Freighter offers its customers incredible benefits, such as: durability, low tare, great payload, driver convenience, cost efficiency etc.

Even though Freighter offers different types of trailers, the company has earned its reputation as one of the most popular skel trailer brand in the world. The Freighter skel trailers are described as some of the most reliable, cost-efficient and durable trailers ever made. Freighter offers a whole range of skel trailers to meet the requirements of every customer. Designed with many options and configurations, the Freighter skel trailers can suit all work loads. Most skel trailer models have a lightweight design and low profile, but they can handle all heavy-duty hauling applications.

Freighter’s skel trailers are designed to withstand the toughest loads and materials. Equipped with wide spaced beams and low profile frames, they have the lowest gravity center than all other skel trailers that can be found on the market. Each skel trailer by Freighter offers cost-efficiency, surprising comfort and safety during every operation. For satisfying the customers needs better, the Freighter skel trailers are available in four different configurations: B-double, single, lead, and tag skel trailer.

Paying attention to details has always been one of Freighter’s priorities. All Freighter skel trailers are equipped with the latest and most innovative features that ensure safe and efficient transportation of various loads. Let’s explore some of the most popular features:

  • Each skel trailer by Freighter is designed to provide the most efficient transportation solution, regardless of the freight type and weight;
  • The twist locks are yellow-colored for more accurate, quicker and easier loading/unloading. For increased security and flexibility, Freighter offers an optional set of twist locks.
  • The durability, strength and high performance of each Freight skel trailer comes from the computer-aided design of the chassis.
  • For longer and more reliable operation in dark conditions, the Freight skel trailers are equipped with LED lights, which vary in terms of voltages, depending on the power supplies.

With many innovative features and functions, it is no wonder why so many transport companies, not only in Australia but worldwide, choose the Freighter’s trailers for various transportation tasks.