Mastering Security with Tracked Sliding Gates: Precision and Versatility for Your Property

Although most people might never think twice about the hardware that’s used on a sliding gate, every component is crucial. That’s because the strength and relatively low maintenance of sliding gates, and tracked sliding gates in particular, makes it easy to overlook the discrete planning that goes into one.

If you’re considering installing a sliding gate, you’ll quickly discover that the interesting reality about tracked variants is that there’s a lot of versatility that goes into how they’re engineered, especially if they’ve been automated. That’s why they’re more effective at controlling both the physical and visual access to your property than other types of gates, though; and depending on how, and how often you need to use your gate, you’ll be surprised by just how precisely one can be configured to suit your security needs.

Tracked Sliding Gate Solutions Give You Maximum Configurable Security


From high-tech remote key fobs and wireless keypad systems, to heavy-duty stainless steel rollers and galvanized sliding gate track rails, there’s a wide range of parts and components that go into designing a truly effective sliding gate. Maximum configurable security is what makes them so distinctive, which is why automatically tracked solutions are the most common type of gated access point seen in New Zealand and Australia.

While it might seem that sliding gate rail track solutions are favoured strictly because their size makes them more accommodating to large vehicles, that’s only one aspect of their appeal.

· They’re convenient. Because the load-bearing support for sliding gate tracks comes entirely from the ground, the option to make them taller or stronger is always available, but without a concern for horizontal rigidity or the need for longitudinal reinforcement.

· They’re versatile. Not only are tracked sliding gates suitable for just about any environment, but their construction allows for uncomplicated integration them with other types of automated security systems, or even for use with other types of gates.

· They send a message. A gate needs to be as effective at sending a strong message as it is at allowing large vehicles to pass; and tracked sliding gates are uniquely capable of signalling that they can be both inviting and imposing.

Make no mistake, regardless of whether they’re used in industrial, commercial, or residential environments, sliding gate rail systems are the perfect solution for any budget or level of security. In fact, you only have to look closely at their qualities to see why tracked sliding gate solutions are so appealing.

Tracked Gate Convenience Begins With Heavy-Duty Track Profiles

While the length, height, and even weight of most types of sliding gates are restricted by the kind of roller, or the size of counterweight that they’re able to use, a floor track sliding gate isn’t hampered by these restrictions. These gating solutions utilize recessed, high-capacity C-grooved wheels travelling along heavy-duty U- or V-shaped track profiles that are bolted to the ground, and are the perfectly adaptable choice for either manual, or automatic operated gates.

Bolted-down gate tracks are held in place with ordinary anchor bolts or drive anchor pins, and offer a full range of advantages over rubber-wheeled, as well as other types of rolling track gates, including:

· They’re incredibly easy to install on existing concrete surfaces;

· They’re easy to replace if damaged by traffic; and,

· Are full zinc plated or galvanizing to resist rust or corrosion.

Stainless steel, or full nylon wheels fitted with long-life stainless steel bearings help to make rail systems so convenient. With their choice of either bottom-, or recess-mounted frames, and load capacities between 250 – 500kg per wheel, they’re built to handle any size or length of gate door that you’re willing to install. And that’s an especially important degree of flexibility to have if you want your sliding gate wheel track system to be automated.

Automated Access Gives Your Sliding Gate Versatility


Tracked gates hold a clear advantage over other types when it comes to versatility, and this is particularly true when it comes to automation. With a remote-controlled, low-voltage sliding gate motor and the proper gear rack and pinion hardware, any manual gate track system can be converted into a long-range automatic gate track system, making user-manageable access one of its most appreciable attributes.

No matter if it’s for a warehouse or manufacturing facility, a residential community, or a private dwelling, an automatic sliding gate track system not only eliminates the need for drivers to leave their vehicles, but also saves on onsite personnel costs while enhancing security. Automatic gate systems are also highly programmable, and are suitable for gates up to 8m in length, with a typical installation kit consisting of:

· An 800 – 1000kg, IP54 rated gate motor;

· Paired 433MHz remote controls; and,

· All necessary mounting fittings, brackets, and hardware.

Automatic gate systems can be powered by either 240V fixed, 24V DC standby, or solar panel power sources, and are able to be paired with as many programmable remotes as necessary. They’re even compatible with an array of specialized wired and wireless opening and closing devices that increase their versatility even further, including:

· Vehicle detection systems. Wireless inductive loop detection systems allow the use of embedded ground modules and vehicle-mounted wands for completely hands-free gate opening and closing from distances of up to 30m.

· Keypad systems. Both wired and wireless keypad systems with programmable access codes offer flexible secure access instrumentation that can be cemented in place, or used at alternating locations.

· Push button systems. Wired and wireless key-lockable systems offer yet another weatherproof secure access option that enables either key / push-button (wired), or key-only (wireless) activation.

The Most Formidable Sliding Gates Require the Most Careful Planning

Let’s be honest: while gates are designed to serve as definitive security barriers, they’re also required to send a clear, unambiguous message about protecting your privacy as well as your property. Because heavy-duty sliding gate track systems aren’t impaired by the size or weight restraints that other types of sliding gates are, they can be uncommonly formidable obstacles; however, there are a few factors that need to be considered before you decide to install one.

· The amount of available space. Sliding tracked gates require significantly less installation space than counterweighted sliding cantilever gates. However, for unusually wide entrances where incoming and outgoing traffic is likely, a two-motor, left/right dual sliding track gate contingency is the best solution.

· The gradient of the ground. Tracked gates require level ground to operate properly. That means bumps and ridges should be flattened, and even pavers removed to avoid placing undue stress on the gate’s gear rack and drive pinion.

· Gate speed. With ordinary gate motor speeds around 13m/min, you want to think carefully about how quickly your gate should open or close. This is especially important if you have a long gate, a short driveway, or if the location of any opening or closing devices could result in a vehicle blocking the road.

And with careful planning, tracked sliding gates can be just as welcoming to visitors as they are a deterrent to strangers.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, whether it’s for your home or your business, your gate is the first line of assurance that your premises are secure. For one to do the best job possible though, it requires well-thought-out planning, and the best hardware and equipment available.

An automated gate should be your starting point; and high-quality motors, wheels, and sliding gate track rails need to be at the top of your list when it comes to gate hardware. They’ll give you the basis to build upon. With a full complement of wired and wireless opening and closing accessories and devices to choose from as well, you can configure a gate to fit all of your security needs.