Interesting Crane Uses

The mobile crane has an indispensable value in the construction industry, as it can be used for a wide range of industrial tasks. Simple working principle, compact design and easy to maintain, the mobile crane is very important piece of equipment in many other industries. Whether for manufacturing, mining, maintenance or construction, the mobile crane can perform many applications, from common to extremely tough and interesting applications. Read on to find out some interesting uses of the mobile crane.

Dismantling Of The Largest Gantry Crane

The Swedish Kockums Crane was the largest gantry crane in the world. It was built in 1973 and was about 138m high, with a rail length of over 700m. The Kockums crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 1,500 tonnes, was last used in 2002 to lift the foundations of the Oresund Bridge in Malmö. That same year, the crane was dismantled using mobile cranes and was sold for $1 to a South Korean company.


The Most Powerful And Largest Mobile Crane

Liebherr LTM 11200-0.1 is the largest and most powerful mobile crane in the world. Large, but still exceptionally mobile, this mobile crane is a truck-mounted crane with a telescopic boom and a maximum lifting capacity of 1,330 tonnes. It is fully assembled and with extensions attached on it’s 8-section telescopic boom. It can reach a height of about 170m. This crane is powered by a 16-liter engine with 680 horsepower and runs on 18 wheels. This large mobile crane is most commonly used in the construction of a wind turbine.

From Mobile Crane To Hotel

The Danish Harlingen Harbour crane is famous for becoming a hotel room. Originally, this crane was a Figee luffing crane that was built in 1967. The Harbour crane was used for unloading timber freight in Russia and Scandinavia until 1996. Then, it was transformed into a hotel and its cabin/hotel-room is about 17m long. The jib of this mobile crane can reach 45m in height. The view from the cabin is amazing and the guests can rotate the “hotel-room” to control the view. One night’s stay for two in this mobile crane, also known as the hotel “The Spider”, is about $415.

Space Cranes

In the recent years, an innovative lunar mobile crane was developed by NASA with the intention to be used for lifting heavy items on other planets. NASA produced a mobile crane with a unique combination of composite materials used to improve the mass-to-strength ratio, what makes this mobile crane perfect for heavy and complicated lifting applications in various environments.