Trucks: Australian Freight Transportation And Logistics Industry Overview Archive

Australian freight transportation and logistics industry plays a major role in the overall Australian economy. This is why the industry is commonly referred to as “the backbone” of the Australian economy. The future success of Australia depends to a large extent, on increasing the levels of productivity growth in the freight transportation and logistics, as the greatest contributor to country’s prosperity. All four sectors generate over $94 billion, out of which the freight transportation the most profitable sector in Australia.

Over the past two decades, the freight transportation and logistics industry has expanded greatly. Today, the industry offers all sorts of freight transportation solutions for Australian business owners, both for within states and across Australia. With that, the demand for gas and diesel trucks for sale and employment opportunities has significantly increased. Currently, the freight transportation and logistics industry counts over 193,000 employees. Truck driver is the highest demanding position, which further contributes to the increased number of diesel trucks for sale. For the next 5 years, a growth of about 5% is expected when it comes to the number of trucks for sale. Also, the freight transportation rates are expected to decrease.

The road freight sector is the most dominant sector in Australia, offering advantages in prices, convenience, reliability and flexibility. With the wide availability of both used and new, gas and diesel trucks for sale and other commercial vehicles, Australian business owners can easily buy, sell or hire trucks. If you are looking to expand your business by investing in new vehicles, check out our blog to learn more about the latest trends, news and statistics regrading the Australian freight transportation and logistics.