Crazy Facts About Mirrors

Mirrors are all around us. We all have at least one in almost every room, in the bathroom, bedroom, hallways, etc. You use mirrors every day, but how much do you really know about the mirrors, their history and use in the past and some facts you couldn’t believe were true. Here are some of the craziest facts about mirrors that will change the way you look at the ones you own, regardless if it’s a new or old mirror you have inherited from your grandmother.

  • The first form of mirrors were invented in ancient times. Believe it or not, they were just a small pools of water filled in a dark coloured container.
  • People started making non-water mirrors around 6000 BC. The mirrors they made were made of polished volcanic glass.
  • First polished copper mirrors appeared in Mesopotamia.
  • The German Chemist Justus von Liebig made the first silvered-glass mirrors.
  • The believing that breaking a mirror will bring you bad luck for seven years origins from Roman times. Romans believed that by breaking an old mirror you break your soul.
  • Jewish people cover all mirrors in the house for several days after the death of a close family member. This is because they believe that a mirror will trap the spirit of the dead person, and the soul will be unable to move onto the afterlife.
  • The creepiest believing about the power of an old mirror is the one of Bloody Mary. It was believed that if you stand in front of a mirror with lighting candle in your hands and if you say her name three times in a row, she would appear in front of you.


  • Another crazy fact about mirrors is the saying that you can see an image of your future husband with the help of an old mirror. Interested? Here’s what you need to do: stand in front of a mirror, brush your hair while eating an apple, and the image of your future husband will appear. Creepy, right?!
  • Mirrors can cause hallucinations! Yes, turn off the lights in the room (make sure there is only enough light to see your face in the mirror). Stay about one meter away from the mirror and concentrate on the look of your face for about 10 minutes.
  • Mirrors can reflect sound. Beside the ability to reflect picture, some mirrors can reflect sound waves as well. These mirrors are known as acoustic mirrors. They were used during World War II in Britain for detecting sound waves from the enemy.