Baby Clothing Essentials to Stock Up On

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There are a ton of to-dos when preparing for the arrival of your new baby. Shopping for all the baby essentials is among the first on the list. While choosing and gathering the gear for sleeping, eating, and diapering, you may easily miss some wardrobe essentials. Take a look at the list below to make sure you have all the necessary baby clothing once your little munchkin arrives.




Baby rompers are comfy spring and summer one-pieces outfits for infants and young toddlers. They can be put on as they are, without having to put extra shirts or pants on. They are designed to be easy to take them on and off, thus making quick diaper changes easier and more convenient. Most rompers come with a press clip crotch. Thanks to these convenient snaps that can be located at the back or at the bottom, you can quickly put on these items even when the baby’s asleep. Plus, they’re predominantly made out of cotton, which is the most popular choice for baby apparel in general, as it is soft, highly absorbent and gentle against baby’s skin. And since they’re very comfortable and convenient, babies can wear these pieces for sleeping as well.

Rompers are available in sizes from 3 up to 24 months and usually come with short sleeves and short legs. Even so, there are diverse variations, meaning you can also find baby girl and baby boy rompers with long sleeves and even long legs in spring and autumn collections. Baby rompers come in various patterns and styles. So, you can find many adorable baby boy rompers in masculine prints and designs. Rompers for boys can also be knitted and can come in a charlie knit style, or as a woodchopper. Baby girl rompers, on the other hand, can either be pretty simple or they can resemble festive dresses with fancy ruffs, embroidery, or collars. You should have several baby rompers for each stage of your baby’s development.




There is nothing cuter than dressing up your baby in adorable sleepers or pyjamas. These are usually one-piece items with feet, simple to put on and will definitely keep your baby warm in colder weather. It’s recommended to look for sleepers with zippers that run from top to bottom. If your baby is exceptionally tall, look for footless pyjamas.

Nevertheless, as babies sometimes have a hard time sleeping, dressing them in comfortable sleepers is one of the many ways that help babies fall asleep. As with all the other baby clothing essentials, you should have at least a few pairs of sleepers.




If there’s one piece of baby clothing that you’ll constantly change, that’s the top. In the beginning, you will need a few white tops, as well as 3 to 4 other colours for mixing and matching with your favourite bottoms. You will definitely need much more than a few when the baby starts to eat solid foods.

The most common styles of tops for infants and toddlers include kimono shirts that snap on the side and tees that easily stretch at the shoulders and over the head. Make sure that the opening of the top is wide enough to make it easy when you’re dressing your baby, and that it has enough room around the neck.




Leggings and stretchy pants are the most popular (as they’re most comfortable) for baby girls. Choose a few pairs of leggings in different colours, so you can mix and match easily. As for boys, you could go with comfortable pull-on sweats and elastic waist “jeans”. For the cooler days, make sure you go for sweatpants that are lined on the inside. Of course, button fly and zipper pants look very cute and chic, but they make frequent diaper changes more difficult. That’s why it’s better to opt for simple styles with embellishments, such as bows and faux pockets.




Since your little one won’t be wearing shoes in the first few months, stock up on both white and coloured socks. They will keep their toes toasty and will protect their feet while you are outdoors. Even in summer, baby’s feet can get cold so you may want to have socks with you at all times. A lot of infants’ skin can react to wool, so again, make sure that the material you have chosen is right for your baby.




Fall and winter babies will also need outerwear, even for quick trips from your home to the car. So, you should have at least one light jacket, and a heavier coat, especially if you spend a lot of time outside walking, going to the park, etc. And if you live in a milder climate, then a simple hoodie may do the trick. Hats are also essential. Fresh air is healthy for the baby, and for the mom as well. So, you will need both a sun hat for the sunny days and a wool cap for cooler days. For the stroller, it’s good to have a footmuff as it stays in place and allows you to zip it up around the baby.