Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in White: Wedding Accessories to Glam You Up on Your Big Day

So, you’ve found the dress of your dreams and everything is planned for your wedding party. Now, it’s time to buy wedding accessories to add the personal touches your wedding day look may be missing. When well-chosen, wedding accessories have the power to spruce up your hairstyle, add a striking pop of colour to your shoes or add a touch of glitter to your waist. They can even connect your outfit to the wedding’s overall theme. 

Wedding accessories can also add a sentimental touch to your wedding. For instance, you can borrow family heirlooms to proudly display as you walk down the aisle or use an accessory someone special in your life gave you. If you still don’t know what kind of accessories you want to wear for your big day, here are a few suggestions to consider. 

Wedding Shoes

two pairs of wedding shoes

Whether you’ve opted to wear high heels or comfy flats for your wedding day, you’ll need to choose your wedding shoes before your final dress fitting so that your gown can be hemmed perfectly. When shopping for wedding shoes, make sure to consider your comfort as well as your wedding style. Let’s say you are planning an outside wedding on grass or in the sand. Stiletto heels probably won’t be appropriate or comfortable. In this case, you better stick with sandals, wedges or flats instead.

When looking to buy wedding accessories, shoes with crystals and beading may catch your attention. But before you choose them, consider the length of your dress. If your dress falls below your ankles, the crystals and beadings may end up catching your dress. In this case, plainer shoes might be a better option. 
You probably know the feeling of new shoes pinching. So, consider wearing your shoes around the house a few weeks before the big day. This way you’ll be able to see if any spots rub and give you a chance to make small adjustments by using a shoe stretching solution

Hair Accessories

bride with wedding tiara

Like every bride, you want your hair to shine and look the best on your wedding day. For that, there are many hair care tips that you can follow. And when it comes to how you should wear your hair, you have a lot of options to consider – up, down, or in between. You can also wear hair accessories to improve your hairstyle, and there are lots of options to choose from. When it comes to how to choose wedding hair accessories, is all about figuring out what will look best with your dress and will complement the feel of your wedding.

Flowers make a beautiful natural hair accessory, whether you choose a flower crown or a single blossom. If worried about the blooms wilting, you can opt for fake flower accessories instead. There are also more glam hair accessories that you can consider, like crystal hairpins, headbands, clips, tiaras, barrettes, combs or bun wraps. For a vintage look, opt for a hairstyle with feathers. 


bride wearing bedazzled veil

We couldn’t forget the traditional veil. And there are lots of veil options to choose from – from a super-long cathedral-length veil to a mid-length fingertip veil to a short birdcage veil or blusher. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to wear a veil to look or feel like a “real” bride.

If you’re looking for a  dramatic entrance, choose a chapel or cathedral-length veil that trails behind you during the ceremony. As a rule of thumb, your veil should match the shade of your dress as closely as possible, unless you want a unique direction. Try out some veils during your fitting in different lengths and styles to find out what works best. 



Besides your engagement ring, it’s up to you to decide what looks best with your dress. For example, if you’ve chosen a strapless neckline dress, a necklace can be a great option to consider. However, a necklace might not work well with a detailed illusion neckline.

Jewellery choices may include a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or even additional rings. Your dress should be your guide when choosing between gold, silver, pearl or colourful gemstones.  Experts advise avoiding going overboard with the jewellery – one or two carefully chosen pieces may be all you need to shine. 


bridal handbag

While you may not have considered that you’ll need a bag on your wedding day, chances are that you will still want access to some essentials. Of course, you don’t need to carry your entire “emergency kid” around (your bridesmaid will take care of that for you), but having a purse for your phone, lipstick and tissue is vital for touch-ups and selfies.

Considering that your purse will probably be seen in a few photos, you’ll want it to be part of your look. A clutch is not only a practical option but, depending on the model you choose, it can also add a touch of personality to your bridal look. And many designers are now creating elegant and chic designs that you’ll want to wear post-wedding as well.