Leather Never Goes Out of Style

The leather industry has an annual revenue of over $53 billion. Imagine the number of products created and sold! From leather travel bags to leather coin bags, leather shoes, leather furniture. The list of items is quite long, as is the list of people who love and worship good leather investment.

It’s true that nowadays you can find all sorts of bags, shoes and clothes. They can be made of diverse materials like cotton canvas, nylon, denim, straw, neoprene, mesh and even vegan leather. But leather, the original one, always takes the number one spot. Why? It’s durable, it ages well, and with proper care, it can last you a lifetime. The next generations can even inherit a leather item from you. Here are some leather goods that never go out of style and will remain popular no matter how times and trends change.

Leather Bags

leather bag
source: unsplash.com

Can you imagine the perfect outfit without a bag or going to work without one? No? Bags have been essential accessories for people since the very beginning. In fact, the purpose of the first bags was carrying herbs. Then, the whole bag thing went a step further. It became a fashion accessory. Different shapes, sizes and colours of bags were presented to the world. Men and women addicted to fashion became addicted to bags.

And today, there are whole industries dedicated to the creation of the perfect bag. A bag that will be multifunctional, the perfect accessory, with the perfect colour, strap length, and shape. You can choose from shoulder bags, small pouches, backpacks, tote bags, laptop bags, fanny packs, clutches. The list is endless. Now add the leather element to all that. You get a product that with time becomes irreplaceable. And note that it doesn’t have an expiration date.

Leather is an especially smart choice for bags that take a lot of beating, like travel bags for instance. With the whole COVID-19 pandemic, travelling stopped, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a high-quality leather travel bag. In fact, now is the right time to do so when the prices of these bags have plummeted due to low demand. That way, when everything comes back to normal, you can travel with style.

Leather Coin Bags

Are you thinking about getting a cute leather coin bag? I am sure many of you carry a lot of things in your bags, so why not sort out the mess? Why search for coins in each and every pocket of your bag when you can have a go-to coin bag, and solve that problem?

The coin bag is small, compact, easy to open and close. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose your favourite colour or a design that matches your bag. This versatile accessory can be used to store all kinds of small items besides change, like lipsticks, jewellery, or a small bottle of perfume. That way, you save some time in searching the insides of your bag (thank me later!).

leather coin bags
source: designcrushblog.com

High-end fashion brands even incorporate the coin bag on the outside of their bags to make them more stylish. It’s removable, and you can play around with it by attaching it to other parts of your outfit. If you don’t want to wear a bag and want to keep your hands free, it’s really practical to attach a leather coin purse on your belt. This is far from the end of the list of ways you can rock this accessory if you’re thinking outside of the box.

For instance, currently, the small coin purse is taken to a new level, with it being attached to boots. Influencers, celebrities and even common people all over the world accepted and rocked this trend. You can find a lot of inspiration photos and combinations on Instagram. Will you store something in there? Probably not. But let’s face it. It’s innovative and unusual. And it looks cool.

The small metal hanging clip allows you to attach the coin bag to your pants, denim, shorts, backpack, makeup bag, leather keychain, sneakers, even on your bra strap. You can even attach a stylish leather coin bag to a bracelet. You can wear it on your wrist or your ankle. This is one of those outfit elements that allow your imagination to run wild.

Leather Shoes

If you’re more a shoe person than a bag person, this is the section for you. Your feet and your health will thank you if you choose leather over any other material. Leather shoes are known to last, be extra comfortable, easy to maintain, and they fit good on your feet. If you’re like most people, you probably have an active life, a job, and you are constantly on the go. The quality of your shoes will make an enormous difference in the quality of your life. That being said, you should look for shoes with good arch support and preferably made of leather.

black leather shoes
source: diynetwork.com

Yes, leather shoes are expensive, but think of it as a long term investment. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes every 6 to 12 months, you can buy one leather pair and use it for years. And when it comes to great looks, nothing can beat the classy appearance of a pair of leather shoes.

Other Leather Accessories

Let’s talk about the accessories. The leather industry has been devoted over the past years on expanding the range of products. Leather passport cases, pencil cases, keychains, phone cases, wallets, earrings, bracelets, belts, gloves, and the list goes on. All of these are perfect accessories to add a touch of sophistication to your outfits. Anything that you can imagine, can be made out of leather.

leather accessories
source: ritasleather.com

Price Range of Leather Products

The prices of leather goods vary depending on the product and the brand. But here are some examples that can give you a vague idea of how much a particular leather item costs.

-Leather bags: $49 to $439
-Leather backpacks: $175 to $399
-Leather shoes: $179 to $1499
-Travel bags: $139 to $ 489
-Leather accessories: $14 to $439

Interesting Facts

Last but not least, some fun facts about leather:

-Leather is not a newly discovered material. Romans used it for boats and clothes.
-There was a time in the past when people used leather as wallpaper.
-You can find items made of fish leather. Salmon, to be precise.
-If you find white leather, know that it’s of high quality. Why? Because white dye will further destroy low quality leather, rendering it useless.
-Weather conditions can affect the leather. That means that the same piece of leather can look and feel different in different environments.
-Italy is famous for it’s leather production, and holds the second place in the world, with the first being China.