Women’s Shoes: The Importance of Comfort

It’s quite a known truth: women love their shoes. Good, well-chosen shoes can make an outfit, and they can be seen as the most important part of your wardrobe, for many reasons. And even ladies that aren’t particularly into fashion, when it comes to shoes, they all appreciate a good-looking pair. It’s because of this love and appreciation that women sometimes compromise comfortability for style and fashion. However, when it comes to shoes, while style is good, comfort is better. Fortunately, there is a huge choice for shoes out there, that can meet both criteria – style and comfort.

Why is Comfort the Nº 1. Priority for Shoes?

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The reason the choice of shoes is so vital, isn’t just so we feel pleasant, though that is a big part of it, of course, but much more importantly – good shoes promote feet health, and our feet health has an impact on the wellbeing of our entire body. Uncomfortable shoes – ill-fitted shoes, shoes made of poor-quality materials, shoes with unsuitable arch support etc. ­– can prohibit us from doing even the easiest of tasks or even having fun.

But not only can they ruin our day, with the pain they can cause, making it impossible to concentrate on anything aside from it, but, more importantly, standing, walking, running, dancing… in bad shoes, can have a more serious and long-lasting negative effects on our physical health. In other words, to choose a quality pair of ladies comfort shoes is to make an investing in your overall health.

How Can You Tell If Shoes Will Be Comfortable?

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Style is the best and most fun things to worry about when you are looking for new women shoes, as well as probably the easiest. All types of shoes come in many different designs, colours, materials… which makes it quite an endeavour, but an interesting one at that. Some types of shoes, of course, are much easier to find than others. For instance, it’s much harder to find shoes for winter than it is for spring. This is because shoes, especially when it comes to keeping you warm, need to meet some very high criteria. However, this doesn’t mean that if you find a nice pair of shoes you can wear in warm weather, your job is done.

Quite contrary, regardless weather you are buying walking shoes, boots, shoes for specific activities, such as women sneakers, shoes for dancing, or even high hills, and regardless weather you are buying shoes for warm or cold climate, while style is important, if you want to keep your feet healthy, you’ll need to be very careful. Fortunately, there are things that can help you see if the shoes you want to invest in are going to provide you with the comfort and protection you need.


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After you’ve defined when and where you’re going to wear the shoes, or the purpose of buying them, which will determine the type of shoes you’re looking for, the next thing is to think about fitting. One of the most frequent culprit of feet pain and discomfort, are shoes that aren’t fitted properly. This is why regardless weather you are looking for ladies comfort shoes online, or you are at a store trying them, you needn’t only trust the shoe size you’ve always known as yours. This is because different brands have different sizes. So, if you are buying online, you should look at the size chart, and if you are buying at a store, you should try different sizes. In both cases, as a precaution, ask for the return policies.

Arch Support

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Nevertheless, even well-fitted shoes aren’t always comfortable. This is because every person has a different arch, and proper arch support makes the biggest difference. Since our feet support the force of all of our movements and support the weight of our bodies – it you don’t provide the needed arch support to your feet, all this pressure will fall on the boll or the heel of your foot. This in turn can not only cause pain in your feet, but also it can cause pain in your knees, your hips, and as a result of affecting your posture, it can cause issues all over your body.


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Furthermore, depending on the type of shoes you are looking for, or in other words when and where are you going to wear them, comfort also depends on how your skin reacts to it. This means that if you are buying shoes for cold weather, you need them to keep you warm, in order to be comfortable, and healthy, and on the contrary, if you are buying them for warm weather, you don’t want your feet to feel too warm.

The one thing that will determine if the shoes you’re choosing meets these criteria are the materials used to produce them. This includes the inside of the shoes – insoles, cushioning, insulation …, as well as the outside of the shoes ­­– the upper, the soles… Furthermore, regardless weather it’s warm or cold outside, our feet will sweat. For this reason, it’s important to try to find comfortable shoes for women that are made from breathable materials and fabrics. Today quality breathable materials are also waterproof. So, breathability means that your shoes will permit the vapour to escape, but will also repel water from outside.