Interesting Facts about Shoes and Boots

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A shoe article cannot be started without saying that both shoes and boots are the ideal and easiest way to accessorize an outfit. Except for being stylish, both shoes and boots need to be as comfy as possible as not to cause you some kind of discomfort or pain. The best case scenario when wearing uncomfortable shoes is to ignore the pain and expect to have tired and sore feet at the end of the day, but a far worse scenario is usually the case with such shoes and that is having to deal with hammertoes, corns, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Simply said, poorly fitting shoes can cause you a lot of feet-related problems which sometimes can affect your overall health. Precisely this is one of the main reasons why investing in quality footwear is so important and according to orthopaedists, if you want to buy boots online Australia stores are the best place to head to as there are lots of models to choose from at pretty affordable prices. Regardless of the type, model, material, style and size, online stores have a large range of both shoes and boots to offer which can spare you the trouble of buying the traditional way which can be such a drag, especially when going during rush hours. The thing you should always have in mind before you buy boots online Australia shoe designers emphasise is that you need to choose quality footwear, even at the expense of settling for something that wouldn’t have been your first choice.

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But except for the aforementioned golden rule to mind comfort as much as fashion (or maybe even more) there are a few more things to know for those of us who are into all things shoes and boots related. Let’s check out some of the most interesting facts about both shoes and boots you might not know.

  • The first and most interesting fact about shoes is that the ones with heels were initially designed for men as the heel was a sign of aristocracy and wealth. And the second reason for that was the way in which the heel helped them stay on the horse’s stirrups when riding.
  • Audrey Hepburn was the one that made women’s loafers popular when she wore a Salvatore Ferragamo’s loafer model in the movie ‘Funny Face’.
  • Except for being extremely fashionable, over-the-knee boots can be used in some circumstances as an additional protective layer for the legs.
  • Just like high heels, over-the-knee boots were first worn by men, women adopted them as a fashion ‘weapon’ in the early ’60s.
  • The first boots were made in 1840 for Queen Victoria.
  • Oliver Sweeney had a limited edition of shoes that have had a compartment in the sole that is designed to hold a small bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch whiskey.
  • Wedge shoes were invented in 1940 by Salvatore Ferragamo when he couldn’t afford to buy steel for his traditional shoes during the economic sanctions against Italy.