What You Didn’t Know About Boats


Your first concern when buying a boat is finding secured storage for boats for when you will not be using it. Of course, proper maintenance and care routine is also important. According to the latest studies boating not only helps you stay active, but it helps reduce anxiety too. Since most people nowadays have problems with stress, this recreational sport is ideal for having a restful and soothing way of living. If you cannot afford a security-monitored storage for boats facility, look for alternative dry boat storage like your own garage, tarp or a dry boat storage facility that offers cheaper deals. If you are a boat lover, you will certainly enjoy the cool facts about boats we have compiled for you.

  • Believe it or not, 48% of people suffer from insomnia due to stress. Some studies show that being near water helps lower the anxiety. That is why boating is said to be one of the top 3 stress-reliving activities.
  • Only one boat is mentioned in the King James Bible Old Testament (in Samuel 2) and 37 ships.
  • The most common fishing injuries are sticking a hook through your hand or straining a muscle getting out of a boat.
  • It is a fact that boaters have closer relationship with their kids as they usually go fishing with their kids. People that own boats are more likely to have close relationship with their wives, family and friends.
  • The most expensive yacht was the Sunseek Predator 115, valued at ¬£9,203,000. This luxurious boat provides space for up to 10 people in five cabins and has a raised wheelhouse and full flybridge for more entertainment.
  • The space occupied by boats on the London Boat Show equal to that of 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Imagine what kind of storage for boats¬†would be needed to store all the boats from the show!
  • The curved timbers forming the interior ribs on the hulls of wooden ships are called futtocks.
  • According to the Archimedes’ theory of buoyancy, a floating object displays an amount of liquid that equals its own weight. For those who want to know how come boats that carry so much weight do not sink, this is the explanation. Even though the boat is heavy, it is not as heavy as the water it pushes away.
  • Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich owns a massive boat called Eclipse, worth $1,2 billion. More than 70 crew members are needed to help maintain the boat since it is fully equipped with mini submarines, two helicopters, an aquarium, two swimming pools and top security system to prevent unwanted intruders.
  • The most expensive yacht in the world bought in 2013, belongs to a wealthy sheikh. This 590-foot yacht which is worth $627 million.