So You Think You Know Fishing? Facts That Raise the Stats

Fishing is actually not the boring activity many think it is. As recent statistics show, the hours spent sitting and staring at a single dot in the water horizon seem to have resulted in something other than catching just a few small fish (which is why so many people describe the act as a pointless waste of time). Besides the unbelievably funny fishing bloopers that are a direct result of some really unfamiliarized and probably very proud fishermen, there are some interesting facts that give fishing a whole new dimension.

So, did you know…

How much money is annually spent on fishing?
The average angler spends about $1261 a year. About $15.5 billion is spent on fishing gear and an additional $21billion on food and lodging. So this one would make you think: if fishermen are so passionate about the sport and invest so much money in gear and travels to famous fishing spots, wouldn’t they be interested in doing it right instead of reckless? Most fishing bloopers that serve as source of pure laughter among people are a result of such reckless fishing moves as a matter of fact. Not to be overly mean though – some bloopers were made simply in the right time and on the right place.

What is the biggest fish caught and landed?
As a passionate fisherman, you need to know the interesting facts related to your hobby. The biggest catch ever made was in 1933, when a fisherman called Captain Jay Gould captured a manta ray hooked on a large shark hook, which weighed about 2500 kilograms. Can you picture this monster?


Which is the fastest fish according to fishermen?
There’s actually math in this: after the fish is hooked and then runs away, the length of line it takes off the spool is measured in a number of seconds which is how you determine the speed of the fish. According to this measuring method, the fastest fish is sailfish with a swimming speed of 90 metres in 3 seconds!

The most expensive lure ever made?
The fact that fishermen use simple equipment pieces (in most cases at least) that aren’t even that costly, is probably what makes the sport unattractive for exploring and discussing among the wider mass. But, a company called MacDaddy Fishing Lures decided to raise the bar a little too high and make a lure out of 1.3 kilograms of glimmering gold and platinum, encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies with the price tag of modest $1 million. I bet you want to see that now, don’t you?

There are so many other fun facts about fishing and as much as it may be hard for you to accept it, fishing isn’t boring at all. It’s a sport, a hobby, and the type of activity where fish can actually make fun of you if you allow them to.