Baby Myths And Facts Revealed


Are you pregnant? As a future mom, you are probably eagerly waiting for the birth of your first child. You cannot wait to start dressing your baby in all those cute boy outfits or baby girl dresses you bought from baby clothing online Australia retailers. Early stages of motherhood however, are quite difficult since you will find yourself confused and frustrated about the things you do not know. Everyone will be giving you advices about how things should be done and tight sleep schedules will be the least of your worries. Here are some of the most common baby myths and facts to help you get ready for your angel.

  • It is said that babies have a short attention spam. That is false since babies pay attention to 10 things at once, rather than focusing on one. Everything is new to them and this is the only way they can actually learn new things fast.
  • When someone tells you that babies do not talk, know it’s a myth. The sounds that your baby makes are not meaningless. It is the way your baby communicates with you. As a parent you need to patiently wait for an answer and let your baby know that you understand.
  • Another myth is that, whenever a baby has a fever or high temperature, you should rub alcohol all over baby’s body. The fact is that rubbing alcohol on baby’s body can be dangerous since baby’s skin can absorb the alcohol.
  • Washing baby clothes before use is a must. Clothes are often sprayed with formaldehyde to look new which can irritate the sensitive skin of your baby and cause skin rashes and other irritations. So, regardless of whether you bought the baby girls dresses¬†from a store or a baby clothing online Australia retailer, make sure you wash them.
  • Another myth is that babies development is predetermined in specific stages of their life. That is not true because with the proper visual and auditory stimulation, your baby will develop certain skills and improve reflexes. In fact, just by taking your baby from darker to a brighter room, will improve your baby’s reflexes.
  • There is no fixed feeding schedule. Babies have natural instincts and when they are hungry they cry. It is best to determine the feeding schedule according to your baby’s needs or cries. Setting fixed feeding schedule may have negative effect on the innate habits your baby has.
  • When you go into a baby store, the sales woman will tell you that you should buy a playpen, jumper or a walker for your baby in order to stimulate his/her moves. However, this is another myth because the truth is babies should be free to move and explore as much as possible
  • When next time browsing the website of your favorite baby clothing online Australia retailer for baby shoes, do not look for hard sole ones. Babies best explore with their fingers, so it is best to leave your baby bare foot when home. When not home, put on comfortable shoes on your baby to five feet room for proper development.
  • One of the most common mistakes parents do, is sterilizing pacifiers and bottles before each use. No need for this. Sterilize pacifiers and bottles before first use only. Your baby is exposed to bacterias that are more dangerous than the ones commonly found in bottles or pacifiers.