With a Leatherman Multi Tool The Force Will Be With You


If you’re a ranger or a full time passionate camper, carrying around a full-sized multi tool might totally work for you, but for all other everyday mortals who (probably) spend the day between four walls and a computer, it’s simply impractical to invest in something you’re going to use a few times a month. However, once you need it, it can’t let you down and leave you surprised and unprepared for the unexpected inconvenience or repair.Obviously the most important thing you should focus on when buying a multi tool is to make 100% sure that the item you carefully selected will provide you with excellent utility and will be handy and comfortable to use. Probably the best tools are the ones that really know their purpose and are pocket-sized so that everyone can carry them around in their bag, jacket or backpack.

To find the best choice, you should talk to the kinds of people who live and breathe multi tools. It’s true everyone has an occasional need to get a firm grip on a small object or cut the wire, but professionals know their job and they will tell you all about the best products ever made. We talked to dozens of professionals to lead us to the right tool and even though there were many things they didn’t agree on, one thing was certain: every single one of them told us that Leatherman is the tomcat of quality multi tools! Leatherman is considered to be the undisputed king of versatile multi tools demonstrating high quality and innovation. After all, they have a 25 year old warranty and that’s something that says a lot about a product.

One of their coolest items on the market is the Leatherman Charge Al Multi Tool – a product that will make you feel like a real-life ninja, I promise you. This badass multi tool includes scissors that will slice through just about anything, regular pilers, two bit drivers, a can and a bottle opener, eight zinc-coated steel bits and so much more. The Leatherman Charge Al multi tool offers easy-to-unlock blades and has a heavy-duty strength and all of that crafted in a gorgeous, even futuristic look that will make you feel untouchable when you have it in your pocket. There’s a reason why the Leatherman Charge Al became is one of the most popular multi tools on the market because simply put, it’s the perfect combination of the right tools with the right quality at a reasonable price. What more could one ask for? If you were to look for a new tool for your personal DIY collection, this is the one and only “can’t go wrong” pick! Once you have it in your hands you’ll totally feel that force is strongly with you.