Vga Cables Facts


Looking for a way to extend the distance between your computer and your VGA monitor? For optimum picture quality consider buying the video graphics array cables. Today, most of the computers support Vga thanks to the the high quality resolution. These Vga cables contain coaxial wiring to make them thicker and more resistant to signal crosstalk or other unwanted cable faults. Vga cables can be found at different prices, you need to buy the one that meets both your needs and budget. Enjoy a better picture quality, whenever you decide to watch a movie or play games with friends with vga cables. To help you get more informed, here are some interesting and useful facts you need to know about vga cables.

  • Vga cables were primarily used for the IBM computers, however many computer manufacturers realized the benefits of these cables and started using the technology as a standard in all computer models. The prime function of the vga cables is to transmit data from one device to another and deliver a high resolution pictures.
  • Even though there is a wide range of other cables that can be used to transmit data from a computer to a monitor, still many offices and households decide to go with the good old vga cables. HDMI cables have the same function as the vga cables, but have not fully conquered the market.
  • The most common problem vga cables have is the signal transmission. Vga cables experience less interference than other types of cables. In order to reduce signal loss, you can use vga extender, especially designed for cables longer than 30 meters.
  • One of the reasons why we experience signal loss, is when cables get cut or twisted. Prevent this by securing them properly in a location where children don’t have access.
  • People prefer to go with vga cables due to their affordability. You will find various vga cables that come at low price. The quality of these vga cables will depend on the price. If you are going to use the cable for longer distances, then it is better to get a more expensive vga cables.
  • When buying vga cables, you need to decide whether you need additional shielding or not. Cheaper vga cables come with basic shielding, but if you are looking for higher picture resolution, go with the ones that have double or triple cable shielding.