Few Facts About Uninterruptible Power Supply


An uninterruptible power supply is a special device, usually located between the computer and a wall outlet to prevent data loss in case of a power loss. This backup power supply provides protection for your computer and battery backup that helps save your data by keeping your computer running without any interruption in case of a over-voltage, brownout and blackout. Ups power supply also provides protection from sags, surges and spikes.

When the power is lost, the backup power supply provides power to the computer to ensure proper shot down. Uninterruptible power supply can provide power anywhere from few minutes to few days and keep your computers running without any interruptions. One of major benefits of this backup power supply type is that many models are equipped with a software which can actually detect the power loss ahead of time and safely shut down safety the computer. Also, Ups power supply is designed to save all the data and provide shutdown instructions to the operating system. Here are few more fact about Ups backup power supply.

  • An uninterruptible power supply should not power a laser printer because the printer fuser uses a lot of energy and your Ups power supply may not last as long as you may need it.
  • The service life of the Ups power supply battery is short, usually few years. The main reson is the location of this backup power supply. Since it is generally located behind the desk, many forget it is even there.
  • An uninterruptible power supply is lifeboat for quick data saving and safe shut down. Remember, this device is not a generator and is best used to ‘escape’ unexpected power crises.
  • The Ups backup power supply uses relatively small power surges.
  • Even during line sags, the Ups power supply continues to provide power to your equipment.
  • After a power loss, an uninterruptible power supply still provides power to the equipment for some time.
  • The Ups backup power supply, unlike a generator, does not make any noise.
  • Also, this device provide automatic shot down for the computers during long power outages.
  • An uninterruptible power supply has an option to alarms when certain error occurs.
  • This backup power supply device also provides logging and monitoring of the status of the power supply.