Some Facts On Rj45 Cable Connector

Rj45 Cable Connector

Rj45 cable is a standard type of connector that connects network cables. Rj45 cable connectors are primarily used with Ethernet cable and Ethernet networks. For example, printers, computers, cables, network storage devices or DSL modems, are just some of the many devices compatible with Rj45 cable connection. Just in case you didn’t know, the Ethernet cable is the most popular network cable used for wired networks. The main purpose of the Ethernet cable is to connect devices in local area networks like computers, routers and switches.

When attempting to connect devices to a network, it is crucial to use a Rj45 cable connector in order to avoid undesired situations. Generally, there are two types of Rj45 cable connectors: the standard patch cables and the crossover cables. Standard patch cables are used to connect a cable modem to a router or to a switch, or to connect a computer to a network router/switch. Crossover cables are generally used to connect directly two computers without the use of a router/switch. The only difference between these two cables is the wiring termination in the cable plug.

However, the use of the Rj45 cable technology is mostly present in homes and business offices where several computers need to be connected to each other and to the Internet. Today, you can find different types of network cabling connectors designed for different purposes. You just need to find a reputable online computer hardware store specialized in data networking equipment and network cabling.

Have a look at some interesting facts about the Rj45 cable connectors

The original Rj45 cable connectors were designed to connect telephone networks. The advanced computer technology needed a standard way of connecting modems to telephones, so the original Rj45 cable connectors were created for this purpose.

Rj45 cable connectors are made of a cable length with a male modular plug crimped to the end of each cable. The male plug has eight flat conductor contacts parallel placed to the connector’s body, and when the male plug is connected to the female the conductors creates an electrical connection.

Rj45 cable connectors have 8 pins to which the wire strands electrically of a cable interface. The standard Rj45 pin outs outline the design of the needed individual wires when attaching connectors to cables.

There are several other types of connectors that look exactly the same like the Rj45 cables. For example, the main difference between the Rj11 cable connector that is used with telephone cables and the Rj45 cable connector is the size.