The Different Types of Dolly Carts – What Are They & Why Are They Used

Many people confuse hand trucks with dollies. However, knowing the difference between the two will help you choose the option that works best for your warehouse. We all know that having the right equipment for the job will keep your employees safe and will increase their overall efficiency. A hand truck features two large wheels and stands upright, while a cart dolly is a platform with four wheels. Hand trucks are used for easy lifting and moving heavy and tall items and they are also a good option for moving smaller loads. On the other hand, dollies can be used for transporting heavy items from point A to point B. You can find them in many sizes and designs making it easier for employers to select the most appropriate dolly for their needs.

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When browsing the market, you will find various different cart dolly models including drum dollies, furniture dollies, piano and pry dollies. All models have a four-wheeled design which allows for better manoeuvrability and balance, compared to hand trucks. With the right cart dolly, you will never have to worry about damaging your warehouse’s items. However, investing in the right model is not enough. You also need to know how to use it properly so it serves its purpose well.

Create a Pathway

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The dolly will not be effective if there is not enough place for it to move around smoothly. For that purpose, you need need to create pathways all-around your warehouse and ensure that your employees can “drive” the dollies from one point to another and transport the loads without any obstacles. The pathways need to be planned and designed wisely so the workers can efficiently manoeuvre around the warehouse. This will allow for an organized, safe and fast delivery of goods.

Exits and Entryways

During the transportation of goods with the model of dolly you choose, don’t forget to consider the gates, elevators and even automated doors on your property. In some situations, you may need to move the loads through these areas and if they don’t fit through them, you will need to look for alternative solutions.

Know the Maximum Load Allowed

Although the load’s weight will be already indicated on the cart, sometimes people think that adding a few kilos more is not a big deal. But, it can be a big deal. Those load weight restrictions are there for a reason and you should always keep them in mind. Talk to your employees and make sure they understand the risks associated with not following the guidelines. Developing a simple system for recognizing load capacity will ensure safe transportation and will increase the lifespan of the dolly.

Maintain the Equipment

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Like any other piece of equipment in your warehouse, your dollies also need to be maintained in order to serve their purpose and work properly. Otherwise, you risk them causing incidents and damaging your goods. Train the employees who operate these units how to use and maintain them properly.

Label Your Cart Dollies

You will probably have more than one dolly in your warehouse. To help monitor their use and condition, you can label them with perhaps the area where they are used or with the products they are carrying. Depending on the size of your company, you may label them with stickers that contain the name of the items, their code etc. This will improve the efficiency of the work, ensuring that the right dolly is available when and where it is needed.

Train Your Employees

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Many people may think that operating a cart dolly is simple and easy, but that’s not always the case. People need to be trained in order to operate these units properly and to load and unload them without causing damage. Because of this, make sure you train your dolly operators how to use them properly. Knowing the parts of the unit, how to push the dolly as well as the load restrictions are some of the basic aspects that operators should be aware of. It is not just important for them to learn the basics but they should also know how to implement those things in real life.

Think Outside the Box

Yes, dollies are used to improve the efficiency of the workflow, but their benefits don’t end there. Be creative and try to think about some other ways that these units can help your business. For example, maybe changing the route can cut on the time needed for transportation or you may need to make some loading changes. Instead of lading boxes piece by piece, you may fit all them in one box and then load that box on the dolly.