Interesting Facts About The Largest Luffing Jib Tower Crane By Terex

Recently, Terex has introduced its new luffing jib tower crane on the market. It is the largest luffing jib crane in its class. The new Terex CTL 1600 tower crane comes with increased load moment, and a jib that is 10-m longer than the jib of the the previous Terex tower jib crane. With many innovative features, the new Terex CTL 1600 is designed to provide the operators an incredible lifting power, ease of assembly, operator comfort and safety. This tower jib crane is ideal for operators looking for a heavy-duty lifting machine that can handle the toughest lifting operations easily and efficiently. Here are few interesting facts about the largest luffing jib tower crane produced by Terex.


  • Terex CTL 1600 has a maximum lifting capacity of 65 tonnes, a load moment of 1600 tonnes, and a 75-m long jib. The new Terex CTL 1600 crane offers a maximum freestanding height of 89m on a concrete base.
  • Despite the large size, this crane can be easily assembled and dismantled on the construction site. The platform and the frame can be conveniently and separately folded. As a result, the transportation costs are significantly reduced.
  • Terex CTL 1600 is equipped with an EVO 15 cabin, which features five large windows for all-side visibility. The cabin provides great ventilation when the front or the rear door is open. For enhanced protection in tough weather conditions, the CTL 1600 tower jib crane is equipped with stainless-steel electronics panel. The electronic panel displays important information, like wind speed, height, online troubleshooter, current load, maximum load and etc.
  • For improved operators safety, Terex has equipped its largest luffing tower jib crane with many standard and optional safety features. Terex CTL 1600 has jib walkways and handrails for safe working environment.
  • For additional protection, this jib crane includes all luffing and hoisting winch drums which are linked to a separate emergency braking system. In case of emergency, the operators can stop the machine immediately with a press of a button.
  • Anti-collision system and two cameras are also included. The anti-collision system helps the operators to plan and perform lifts, and to avoid collision with another crane or building. The two cameras and the display in the cabin increase the operators’ visibility.