Interesting Facts About Sticky Tape

Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is well know among people all around the world. It is a universal tape that has many purposes and can effectively repair various damages, from torn network cables to leaky water pipes and torn vehicle seats. Because of its versatility, sticky tape has become a very popular industrial and household product. It is easy to take this packaging tape for granted, but here are few interesting facts that will make you change your opinion.

  • Sticky tape is number one sold and used tape. In fact, the equator could be wrapped 12.3 times with all sticky tape rolls sold.
  • At first sticky tape was used to keep humidity out of ammunition cases. Later, soldiers began using the packaging tape to fix their aircraft, jeeps, guns and other items.
  • Because of its waterproof feature, sticky tape is also known as “duck” tape.
  • Construction workers, after World War II, found that the sticky tape worked great to connect air-conditioning and heating cables together. The color of the tape from green has been changed to silver.
  • To cut the sticky tape you do not need scissors. You can do this using your hands only. However, this packaging tape is so strong that it can pull a vehicle which weighs over 900 kg.
  • You can make almost anything with this packaging tape from handbags, prom dresses, shoes, belts, wallets, etc. This tape is also used for fixing some damages on cars.
  • NASA have used the sticky tape during the Apollo 13 flight. It helped them to stick the alternative devices to remove CO2 from the damaged ship.
  • The city that has sold more sticky tape than any other place in the world is Springfield, Missouri, USA.
  • Henkel, the leading manufacturer of sticky tape, sold 873,000,000 yards of this packaging tape in 2005. That is enough to stretch 119 times the Great Wall of China.
  • Every year the Duck, brand of sticky tape, makes a contest in which students from high schools have to create prom dresses using only this packaging tape. The student that wins the contest receives $3,000 scholarship for college.