Trolleys for Efficient Material Handling

When it comes to handling material of different shapes and sizes you need to be able to transport it on a sturdy warehouse trolley, but how do you know what trolley is the right one for particular material? There are plenty of efficient trolleys for handling products and various material, so it’s important to know more about each type and which trolley would best work for you before investing money and ending up with sore arms and backs.

Whether you work in the industrial manufacturing, airport, health care or other industrial field, this guide will surely make choosing the right warehouse trolley for your job a lot easier.


  • Scooter Trolleys

Scooter trolleys or pedal bike trolleys are particularly good if you work in a large building. They usually come with a platform or basket at the front, depending on what you will need to load. These are particularly good for big spaces as they save time walking from one place to another, increasing the pace you usually work at.

  • Cargo Trolleys

Cargo trolleys are useful if you work in an industry that deals with lots of heavy machinery that needs to be transported quite frequently. These kind of trolleys are made and designed to move heavy objects or material around. Many of them have a weight capacity ranging anywhere from 1500kg to 25000kg. Some are even interlocking for when you need more than one.

  • Table Trolleys

These trolleys are practical, sturdy and come in a variety of designs. They are usually used around smaller storage spaces or larger offices or hospitals. The designs usually very in colour and come with 1, 2, or 3 shelves depending on your needs. They also come with swivel wheels which sometimes may have breaks when you need to unload. The weight limit on this type of warehouse trolley is usually around 150kg.

  • Office Trolleys

Office trolleys are designed to make working in any office environment faster, easier and efficient. This kind of warehouse trolley comes in a large range of different shapes and sizes, some have baskets and separators. Which one you choose depends on what you need in the office.

  • E-commerce Trolleys

E-commerce trolleys are great for someone who needs to pick up several things at once. They come with shelf dividers so you don’t get your materials all mixed up, or to stop products from banging into each other. These shelves are quite tall in height, but they do come in different widths so they can fit down different aisles. Despite them being large, most are easy to turn and pull even with a heavy load because of the specific wheel placement.

  • Step Trolleys

These trolleys are particularly handy if you need to reach in hard-to-reach places. These trolleys come with an easy-to-pull-out small ladder which you can also fold up. They come in an array of designs, usually coming with about 2 or 3 shelves that you can put your material on.

  • Parcel Trolleys

A parcel trolley is designed for objects that are difficult to stack on a regular trolley. It functions like a large crate, just with wheels. This is useful for parcels if you work in the postal industry, or if you have any awkward objects you can’t carry then this trolley may be the right thing for you.

  • Motorized Trolleys

Motorized trolleys are designed for anyone who has difficulty pushing and using a man-powered trolley. Man-powered trolleys may be difficult for someone who has back problems, or anything else crippling their ability to push or pull a normal trolley, luckily this trolley is engine powered and can minimize the strain on who is operating it, making it easy to transport.

Assessing your jobs needs, and what you want out of a warehouse trolley should be the first thing you do when deciding to buy a trolley. Your environment and field of work will play an important role in which trolley really is the best one for you. After reading this guide about trolleys and how efficient they will make your workplace, the decision should be an easy one. You can find trolleys from a local warehouse or you could always browse online for good deals.