Natural Care Products Facts You Need To Know

Can health be in the form of neatly packaged natural health products? Considering the fact that Australians spend around $290 millions on natural health products, you could say this is true. With so much attention being put on what and how we eat, exercise and live, it seems as if growing number of people are turning to a healthier lifestyle. A significant increase in Australian natural healthcare industry annual sale numbers is the proof.


All these natural care products available on the market are derived directly from the Australian nature. You can find these products in a variety of forms, including pills, capsules, creams, liquid drops, powders, oil and gel tablets. However, be cautious regrading the usage and dosage. It is best to consult with a doctor before taking any natural supplement. But before you do so, read on to learn some interesting natural care products facts you probably did not know.

  • Did you know that the Australian natural healthcare industry reports domestic sales of over $1 billion per year. Market researches show that the natural healthcare industry increases by 7% every year. These numbers say a lot about the popularity of the natural care products.
  • Manuka honey is one of the most used natural care products today. But people have misconceptions about this product. Contrary to popular belief, Manuka honey is not made of Manuka bees. It is a nectar of the popular Manuka plant found in certain parts of New Zealand and Australia.
  • If you didn’t know, Manuka honey comes with different UMF ratings from 5+ to 20+. The most desirable ratings would be the 10+ and 16+. The higher the UMF rating, the greater the medical use.
  • Did you know that bees use propolis (bee glue) to seal their hives and prepare a chamber where the queen will lay eggs. But, propolis is used for medical purposes too, thanks to its antiseptic quality. It can be used to ease prevent and treat sore throats, colds, viruses, genital herpes and more.
  • It is well known that fish oil is healthy, but not all fish oils are highly beneficial. Researches show that the green lipped mussel oil is for example 200 time more effective than any other fish oil. Green lipped mussels are known as the ‘miracle food’ due to the highly effective anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Evening primrose oil is another among many popular natural care products. This product is made from the evening primrose plant ‘Oenothera biennis’. The Latin name of this plant is derived from the Greek word for wine, reflecting the fact that people believed this plant could actually ease the symptoms of a hangover.