Cosmetic Tattoo – Get The Facts

Cosmetic tattooing is among the most popular cosmetic procedures. Women want to look beautiful all the time, but very often they fail to organize their time accordingly. For most women, the most annoying thing is to wake early in the morning to put some makeup. Therefore, an increasing number of women decide to try a cosmetic tattoo. The technique of cosmetic tattooing has been significantly improved over the years, and today the tattoo professionals use special procedures to create amazing results. For all those that want to enhance their face without using makeup, cosmetic tattoo is the perfect solution. But before going in a beauty salon, you should know the most important facts about the cosmetic tattoo procedure. Let’s start:


  • Cosmetic tattooing is often advertised as a permanent make-up. However, this is a special tattooing procedure, and it is performed by professionals.
  • You need to look for a reputable beauty salon with years of experience. This way, you will be sure that the cosmetic tattoo procedure will be performed by professionals.
  • Before getting a permanent tattoo on your face, ask the technician to apply a regular makeup on your face to see how you will look like. Watch closely and see if the lines are accurate.
  • Since you can easily get infections or irritations on your face, ask the technician to attach a new sterile needle on the tattooing machine.
  • The whole procedure of permanent makeup takes up from 20 to 120 minutes.
  • Just like the regular tattoos, you need to protect the cosmetic tattoo from the dangerous sun rays. If not protected, the cosmetic tattoo will fade away very quickly.
  • Although advertised as a permanent make up, the cosmetic tattoo procedure needs to be repeated after three years. With time the cosmetic tattoos start to fade, and clients need to renew the colour with another tattooing procedure.
  • Unlike the regular tattooing, the technicians use anesthesia because they are working on very sensitive parts on the face.
  • It is normal to have redness and swollen parts on your face for a week, but if the healing process takes more than a week, consult with your doctor.
  • It is possible to remove the cosmetic tattoo after some period, but the whole procedure is extremely painful. The cosmetic tattoo can be removed by laser or with derm abrasion, but your skin may become swollen and whiter.