The Story Behind Oriental Botanicals

What’s Oriental Botanicals All About?

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This is a company devoted to the production of natural health products. The secret in their effectiveness and popularity among people from all over the world lies in their formula. All of them are formulated according to the principles of ancient Chinese herbal medicine.

A Bit of History

Since its foundation in 1999, this company has had one goal – to provide its customers with high-quality products that deliver optimal therapeutic results by integrating the best herbal products from Chinese medicine. The co-founder of this company (Paul Keogh) had a realisation that Chinese medicine has a different way of understanding how the human body works and what causes illnesses. Their studies and practice show that incorporating Chinese herbal extracts with Western herbal medicine can be highly beneficial.

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The Oriental Botanicals products can address many common health complaints like the common cold and flu, menopause, anxiety, arthritis and many digestive issues. Also, these products are suitable for people of all ages. They are available in capsule, tablet and liquid form and have helped thousands of people across Australia. An important thing to know about these products is that they are not designed only to relieve the symptoms, but to help your body rely on its own recuperative powers.

Facts about Their Products

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  1. The premium medicinal-grade herbal and nutraceutical ingredients are sourced from all around the world.
  2. The products are produced in Australia in accordance with the requirements of the TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration and in accordance with the principles of GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice for complementary medicine.
  3. All of the products are free from flavours, artificial colours, common allergens and preservatives.
  4. They are also tested for purity, potency and toxic contaminants like pesticides and some heavy metals.

The Most Popular Oriental Botanicals Products

The Gut Healing Powder

the gut healing powder oriental botanical

This powder is designed to help people combat any discomfort they might be feeling in the gut. However, it must be noted that this powder can only treat mild inflammation in the gut. According to the manufacturer, this powder is made of gentle ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians, for people on a low fodmap diet, vegans, adults and children over 6 years of age. This healing powder is great in relieving the gastrointestinal inflammation thanks to the therapeutic levels of its active ingredients.

Mastic Gum

This herb is used in traditional Greek medicine and it can help relieve indigestion symptoms. The company sources this ingredient from Chios which is a Greek Island, and the Chios Growers Association guarantees its authenticity.

Marshmallow Root

The marshmallow root is quite famous in Western herbal medicine and it’s used for soothing irritation and relieving inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Slippery Elm Bark

This is another popular herb in Western herbal medicine and it is used to soothe mild gastrointestinal inflammation.


Glutamine is an amino acid which is used for supporting gastrointestinal health. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the mucous membranes thus providing cells with the needed energy.

Aloe Vera

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Well, this ingredient is well-known for its numerous health benefits. It has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties as it has more than 75 active ingredients.


This product comes in the form of tablets. It is designed to help with stress coping and relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety. The Anxiolift tablets contain standardised and clinically tested extract of Ocimum tenuiflorum which is great in managing mild anxiety and stress.


Adrenalift is great for increasing energy, enhancing physical performance, reducing stress and it can assist in faster recovery during stress. It is also great for supporting a healthy heart, and thanks to the energy tonics, Adrenalift can also relieve lethargy, fatigue, debility, exhaustion, tension, irritability, mild anxiety and help you get better sleep.

Gutbiotic SB+

GutBiotic Oriental Botanical

This product contains two clinically tested probiotic strains that can be great for adults and children who are dealing with some type of diarrhoea. The contained probiotics are Saccharomyces boulardii (SB) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG which are great for supporting the microbial balance and the normal functioning of the bowel. When taken as directed, the Gutbiotic can help reduce antibiotic-associated diarrhoea and ease the abdominal pain in children between 5 and 16 years of age. Gutbiotic is gluten and dairy-free and it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.