Facts to Know Before You Buy Yoga Mat

So, you have decided to relax and give yoga a try? Good for you! Yoga is the best stress relief sport that can increase your flexibility, your muscle strength, boost your energy, vitality and respiration, maintain a balanced metabolism, improve your athletic performance, reduce your weight, improve your cardio and circulatory health and so on. The benefits of practising yoga are endless, but if you want to be good at it and experience those benefits to the fullest, you will need to buy a yoga mat, and not just any yoga mat, a quality one, that is.

buy yoga mat

A quality yoga mat can provide you with better traction while performing yoga asanas. Since positioning yourself, yoga postures require stability, so you must choose a reliable and reputable store, look through their large selection of yoga mats and buy yoga mat that is both durable and of high quality.

Before buying one, here are some facts you should know about yoga mats.

Go For The Perfect Grip

Nothing can be worse than sliding around on the yoga mat while trying to perform a special yoga pose. So, when shopping for yoga mat, make sure to read customer reviews and the mat’s specifications in order to understand the grip level. Beginners should consider mats that are more padded as they can prevent injuries.

Too Much Foam Won’t Let You Roam

We said that padding is important, but experts say that too much foam can get uncomfortable. Instead, look for medium padded mats and keep the too foamy ones for the gym or for napping at home (chuckles). For a nice thickness balance, choose a yoga mat that weighs 1.5kg, so you will be able to carry it with ease.

Less Toxins, Less Worries

Some yoga mats are made only from PVC, which is a toxic plastic with lots of carcinogens in it. So when shopping, make sure you choose Eco-friendly material instead of PVC, such as natural rubber.

Spend More To Benefit More

Everybody loves to save money, but who can put a price on health? You might think that investing in cheaper yoga mat is great, but it will surely wear out too quickly. Moreover, cheaper yoga mats are flimsy, thin and bad for your health, while investing in top quality yoga mat is definitely worth the money.

Looks Do Matter

Like with any other tool or piece of cloth, you will enjoy your yoga mat far more if it is appealing and cute. For instance, if bright colours and great patterns are your weakness, be brave and buy yoga mat that will please your eye. Fun colours such as bright red, yellow and turquoise are also great mood boosters!