Interesting Facts about Massage: One of the Oldest Types of Medical Care

We certainly owe a great deal to technological advancement, after all they only simplified our lives. However, truth be told, it’s not just about pros as the outcome, there are the cons too, and back pain is one of them and we have sedentary lifestyles to thank for.

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This condition of discomfort affects from 70 up to 90% of the Australian population, which means seven or nine out of ten Australians experience it sooner or later in their lives. One of the best ways in dealing with this discomfort has turned out to be the massage, known to humankind as one of the oldest types of remedies for muscle pain, proven to help manage, improve, and even resolve back pain, depending on the condition.

Taking this into consideration, this post is dedicated to people suffering from back pains, sharing some interesting facts about massage, and the ingenious concept of massage chairs for sale.

Did you know this type of chairs isn’t as new as we think it is, but dates back to the 1960s, 1968 to be specific, when a massage therapist from California, David Palmer, created the design of a chair in a box, to make it easier, and more effective to treat his clients with chair massages without having the need for the client to secure holding up to Palmer.

Fast forward to today, we have a wide range of massage chairs for sale, differing in features, styles, and prices, providing from the simplest of head and hip massages, resulting in muscle relief, the luxurious foot massages, calf rest, backrest reclining, kneading as simulating human touch to relax, remove fatigue, and stress, to the relieving of stiffness by stretching and relaxing back muscles with the Gua Sha method.

In other words, there’s the right massage chair for everyone’s needs, tastes, and budgets. It’s the perfect way to make up time for massaging every day, and save up money that you’d otherwise give to massage therapists. You can be your own therapist, easily turning your home into a massage salon with the right chair.

Why has massage proven to be so helpful centuries back? Because in its basis, massage helps improve the blood circulation in the muscles, which means the muscles have more oxygen, and it’s what makes it easier for waste products to be carried away, leaving space for the muscle repair.

As a result, there is pain relief, a harmonious state of being, including boosting of the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight bacteria, viruses, and infections. The earliest proofs of massage to exist come from ancient Egypt, in the form of hieroglyphs, and the ancient Japanese prints.

Even in those times, people relied on the use of herbs and essential oils to perform a more efficient massage. It was from Japan in the late 19th century, that the practices and effects of massage became widespread, with the role of J.H. Kellogg , an American physician and nutritionist, explaining how massage works in his book The Art of Massage.

Make sure you get your daily dose of massage!