Skin Treatment Products to Put Your Best Face Forward

Taking proper care of your skin requires more than just a splash of water and a bit of moisturizing cream in the morning. To keep your skin healthy, hydrated and free of acne spots, fine lines and other damage, you need to have a good morning and night routine consisting of the right products.

Before you buy any skincare product, you need to be sure about your skin type. Research the ingredients in-depth and read some reviews about the products before you bring out your wallet. Always be careful what you use, and most importantly, how and when you use it. Here are the steps for a proper AM and PM routine and the suitable skin treatment products to look for.

Daytime Regimen

picture od a girl putting a cream on hear face


Start your morning skincare routine by cleansing your face with a good cleanser. The oils that your skin produced during the night aren’t bad per se, but it’s all right to cleanse them gently so that the skin can absorb the rest of the products you use better. Pick a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Mild milk cleansers are great for dry skin and the mornings when you only need a gentle cleansing. Foamy cleansers are a must-have for oily skin types. And if you have normal or combination skin, you’ll find that gel cleansers work best. Use lukewarm water to rinse the cleanser, tap your face gently with a towel and you’re ready for the next step.


Toners are some of the most overlooked skin treatment products. But include them in your skincare regimen can make a big difference. A good toner can calm your skin if it’s irritated, remove any of the debris that the cleanser didn’t manage to clean off and prepare your skin for the next step. Your toner should be suitable for your skin type (oily, acne-prone, combination, etc.) so that it can balance the skin’s pH levels after cleansing.

Antioxidant Serum

The next step is an antioxidant serum. This is a concentrated, nutrient-dense treatment that works for specific concerns such as fine lines, dull complexion, spots or acne. The toner can leave your skin a bit damp. Don’t worry about it and apply the serum. The dampness of your skin can allow the serum to be absorbed even easier. If you have never used a serum, it’s recommended to start with a mild vitamin C concentration. A vitamin C serum helps to brighten and revitalize the tired and dull complexion.

Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes is super thin and prone to dehydration. That’s why this part of your face should be treated with a special eye cream. The eye cream is lightweight and absorbs fast, maintaining the thickness and health of the skin around the eyes. An eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid is a good choice for hydrating and protecting the delicate skin.

When applying it, don’t just drag your finger. Use your ring finger and gently tap the cream under your eyes, and on the eyelid. This way you aren’t damaging the gentle skin and making it prone to fine lines. Don’t forget this step and always wear sunglasses when the weather is sunny – this is the best way to keep this thin and gentle skin in good shape.


The final step before the grand finale is applying the moisturizer. This is the cherry on top, but be sure to pick the right cream that is suitable for your skin type as well as for your age. Check the ingredients, and if you have certain sensitivities, consider opting for a natural skin care formula to treat your skin kindly. It’s also important to mention that using only a moisturizer is not going to provide you with the beautiful skin you want. It does nothing except to hydrate your skin. All the steps must be followed. And in the end, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.


While sunscreen is our number one friend to have fun in the sun, don’t forget putting some on your face every day – even when it’s cloudy. It’s a physical barrier that protects the delicate facial skin from UV rays that can also penetrate through the clouds.

The sunscreen must be on top of your skin so it can be effective. That being said, never forget that sunscreen comes last. If you apply a moisturiser after the sunscreen, it won’t work. Get a sunscreen that has moisturising formula so you can get suitable hydration and don’t have to bother about applying a moisturising cream separately.

Nighttime Regimen

picture of a couple on bed having a night facial treatment

Double Cleansing

You wore makeup, went outside, touched your face and so on. But, even if you didn’t apply any makeup, or stayed home in the entire day, your night regimen should include double-cleansing. The dust and pollution in the air, even indoors, can settle on the skin, clogging pores. Not to mention, your skin produces oil throughout the day which can build up significantly by the time night comes.

What this means is that you need to work harder to remove all that build-up on your face during the day. Using two types of cleansing methods certainly helps. You should first use a cleansing oil or micellar water to dissolve your makeup and all the dirt that is on your face. Then, you can easily wash it off with a cleanser. No dirt, sebum and makeup should stay on your face when you prepare to go to bed.
Cleaned skin like this is ready for the next step.


Yes, the toner should be applied in the night regimen too. Do it the same way you did in the morning. It will soothe the skin after the double cleansing and would work as a great base for further steps.

Eye Cream

Next, you should repeat the eye cream application. The skin around your eyes is now dry and requires suitable hydration. Don’t forget to do the same step as in the morning – gently tap the cream with your ring finger around the eye.

An Anti-Aging Serum

Your skin repairs while you sleep. To help that process, boost it with a serum. The serum will nourish, protect and hydrate your skin (even the deepest layers). This is the perfect time to include a type of powerful anti-age serum that will help restore your skin while you sleep. Serums based on hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, Q10 and peptides can work wonders in preventing and treating fine lines and wrinkles. But a serum alone won’t hydrate your skin as much as needed, so, be sure to follow up with a moisturiser.

Night Cream

And finally, be sure to use a night cream. A night cream is a moisturiser that is a bit thicker and heavier and should be left to be absorbed into your skin within several hours. The night cream creates a protective coating which will keep water evaporation while you sleep. A high water content in the skin is crucial for healing and maintaining healthy skin. The last step is the crown of the skincare; no other product should be able to go through the moisturising barrier. If you have dry skin, you can also apply an essential oil as another step in maintaining a flawless complexion before the night cream.