How and Why to Use Essential Oils

You may know essential oils as something that smells nice, you may have heard they are used for aromatherapy or to get rid of odours, but in truth, essential oils are extremely versatile, offering a lot of different benefits and uses. First of all, there is a huge number of different essential oils. They are extracted from parts of different plants, and they carry many odour molecules, as well as other compounds, which are believed to offer a lot of health benefits.


Essential oils have been used as products for self-care for centuries. They’ve been used as perfumes, they are used in cosmetics, and they are used as remedies for different problems. Smells have incredible power over our bodies. The smell receptors in our nose can detect an incredibly large number of different odours, around one trillion, which the olfactory system than processes and we then become aware of what it is that we are smelling.

Why are Essential Oils an Essential Supply to Have at Home?

If you are up for treating yourself to something both nice and useful, there are many reasons why you should buy yourself 100% pure essential oils online. They are a great gift to buy for yourself, with a host of benefits that you can reap for quite some time. Because just one small bottle of nice-smelling pure essential oil can offer you a lot, and without even making a dent in your budget you will get a great product for true self-care and more.

Use for Mental and Physical Health Benefits

We know how smells can make us feel. This is because in fact we first have an emotional reaction to smell and only then a conscious one. This is probably due to the fact that it’s supposed to tell us if something is safe or not, and because it’s the oldest sense out of all five, developed from some rudimentary senses which help even bacteria to interact with the world around it.


This is the reason why smells can unlock old memories, transfer us to different times and places, remind us of someone or something, make us happy or sad etc. So, people take advantage of this power our nose has over our being, and use different smells to trigger different responses from our brains and our bodies. This is why different essential oils are believed to help against different issues.

And that’s how pure natural essential oils can help your state of mind, and have a positive impact on your psychological and mental health. Essential oils can help you fight off anxiety, they can help you get focused, productive, relaxed, they can help you meditate, give you energy, study, work, think etc.

Essential oils are also believed to help physical health. Essential oils carry some of the properties of the plants from which they’ve been extracted, so for instance an essential oil can have a numbing effect, helping you against pain. Some essential oils have also antimicrobial properties. People with chronic pains can benefit from them, they can help against nausea, headache, they can help against coughing reflex, they can soothe sore muscles, etc.

To use essential oils for their mental and physical health benefits, you can disperse them in the air with diffusers or vaporisers, you can add them to the water for steam inhalation, you can smell them directly from the bottle, apply them directly to the skin, add them to cosmetics etc.


Create Skin Care Products

With a few products you probably already have at home and one or more pure essential oils you can start preparing your own, natural, organic, safe skin products, and add 100% pure essential oils into your daily skincare routine.

You can use essential oils to make products like face or body scrubs, anti-aging serums, massage oils, lip balms, face creams, body lotions, under-eye creams, bath salt etc. You can also add a few drops of different essential oils to their store-bought cosmetics for the benefits your skin can get from them through absorption.


Furthermore, you can use pure essential oils as an eco-friendly and healthier option for a perfume, or you can go for an essential oil blend. If you like homemade cosmetics, you can also experiment to create your own personal, unique perfume by combining different smells, or you can fallow recopies online.

Believe it or not, essential oils also have their usefulness in the kitchen. People use them both in drinks like smoothies, hot chocolates, yogurts etc., and in food preparation. However, if you decide to do this, follow recipes precisely and never use too much. Don’t forget that essential oils are highly concentrated and just a drop or two can be more than enough in most cases.

Uses as Home Supply

Searching for pure essential oils online you can also find many other ways people use them at home. Of course, smelling so strongly and nice, many use them to get rid of odours, like from food, cigarettes, or to deodorise or scent the fridge, the closet, the car, shoes, bags, towels, clothes etc. Aside from dispersing pleasant smells and eliminating bad smells, with their antimicrobial properties, essential oils can also help you fight off harmful bacteria from places where they thrive, such as shoes.


Essential oils can be used as bug repellents, and they can also be used for cleaning. You can add a few drops of essential oil for its smell or for its antibacterial or other properties, or you can even use them on their own. Different oils are good for different things. Lavender oil can disinfect surfaces, for instance, while orange oil is great to clean something sticky, even to remove gum, and lemon oil can help you degrease your kitchen.