Interesting Facts About Batteries and Battery Chargers

universal-battery-chargerIsn’t it wonderful how this world of ours is so full of inventions and creative ideas? Sure, it seems as though modern humans are the ones who have the greatest merit for making the wheels of inventions turn, considering the numerous technological and machinery advancements we are witnesses of day after day. But most concepts have their beginnings way back in past centuries. Such is the case with batteries. As small reactors, batteries are devices meant to store chemical energy and convert it to electricity.

Interesting enough, this concept goes as long back as the 250s BC in Mesopotamia which can be seen in the so called Baghdad Battery. Then there’s Benjamin Franklin who conducted electricity experiments, noted the difference between conductors and insulators, and first used the term battery in 1749. And Alessandro Volta with his battery made up of copper and zinc discs split by salty water soaked cloth. Fast forward to today, the world abounds in battery choices, differing in sizes and capacities, and of course, let’s not forget the battery chargers: from universal battery charger to simple, fast and inductive.

There are also the solar and USB based chargers for cars, boats, RVs, and electronic devices respectively. This goes to show, as soon as batteries started undergoing the countless upgrades, leading to the rechargeable concept, the need for adequate battery chargers was also rising and this made for easier development of the many forms of chargers. While previously, the basic simple chargers were the preferred and widespread option, the necessity to monitor battery charge status brought about more advanced options, such as the intelligent chargers. The smarter the charger is, the more battery life you can expect to get.

The reason nothing beats the universal battery charger is because, as an intelligent charger, it can recharge different types of rechargeable batteries meaning it’s more than ideal compared to other chargers only meant for certain types of batteries; it can charge both “smart” and “dumb” batteries. The updates in the charging concept aren’t the only updates that happened, considering there were shifts in sizes too, from big chargers to smaller, lighter and more reliable designs.

Needless to say, this shift and preference of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers brings about many benefits, partly to our budget and the other part to our planet. The use of these batteries and chargers can save you a lot of money over time, help reduce the waste and protect the environment since when not recycled, single use batteries end up leaking toxins. Great thing about all these changes is the process isn’t over, so who knows how many more advancements the future would bring.