iNokim Electric Scooter Review: Which Model Is Best for You?

When it comes to electric scooters, Inokim is one of the top manufacturers, and it is simple to understand why. They are the brand to buy right now because they provide a trendy selection of state-of-the-art models along with top-notch components.

people on inokim electric scooters

Nimrod Sapir, an Israeli innovator and product designer with numerous awards, is the man behind iNokim Electric Scooters. The business was established in 2009 under the name MyWay at that time, giving it thirteen years of expertise (at the time this was published) in creating what he and many others with him think is the ideal solution for a problem that annoys a lot of travellers.

Why iNokim?

In today’s world of repetitive designs which different brands copy from other companies while using mass-produced parts to construct the finished product under their name, iNokim takes pride in producing and manufacturing all components “in-house” for its e-scooters.

This, together with the idea of developing the “last mile solution” for commuters in the corporate sector, has resulted in products that are of excellent quality, extremely quick to fold, and lightweight as well. Since the typical user doesn’t want to fuss around when getting on a subway, train, bus, or when having to stow the e-scooter in an office space, the folding mechanism and how simple and quick it is to operate are key to the popularity of iNokim.

Which iNokim Electric Scooter Suits Your Needs Best?

These scooters are available in five basic variations: Light, Quick, the Mini, OX, and OXO. When the OX is equipped with multiple battery types, it is referred to as the Inokim OX Hero or Inokim OX Super.

Depending on what you need a scooter for, the company has made products for a variety of users – from the lightest possible portable option to the heaviest off-road monster that will please even the most demanding weekend warrior. Here are the most popular models to consider if you’re planning to buy an iNokim electric scooter.

Light 2

The most recent edition of the Light series is called Light 2. This ultraportable electric scooter is made to be extremely simple to operate and ride. It is a kick start scooter with a 350W motor.

options of inokim light 2 electric scooter

Even here, you can tell that great care was taken with the design, as some other kickstart scooters are difficult to use, jerky, and frequently result in “false” starts. The Light 2 is an exception. It is designed to be smooth and pleasant. It starts out slowly before gradually picking up pace until it reaches its top speed of 34 km/h.

With a claimed range of 38 kilometres, it is most likely the longest-range ultra-portable e-scooter available at the moment. It has performed brilliantly in real-world testing, managing 25 km on a sloping track with a rider weight of 75 kg.

It has two pneumatic tires but no suspension, so the ride is comfortable. It is simpler to ride because of the low centre of gravity caused by the very low deck. Furthermore, for an e-scooter that is so light, the deck is surprisingly spacious, providing plenty of room for your feet.


A great all-around electric scooter that is available in two variations – the OX Super and OX Hero. The battery pack for the Super has a 60V Li-ion 21Ah capacity compared to the Hero’s 60V Li-ion 13Ah capacity. And that increases the total mile range from for the Hero to the Super by about 16 km.

Unbelievably, this e-scooter boasts a double single-sided adjustable swingarm suspension that eliminates the need to remove the wheel while changing a tire. It is an excellent suspension system that is both quiet and strong.

The10-inch pneumatic tires further amplify the smoothness of the rear hub motor’s 800 Watt base and 1300 Watt peak power. The throttle in the thumb style is precisely tuned. The acceleration is smooth and not jerky up to a speed of 24 km/h, after which it picks up speed until it reaches its astounding top speed of 45 km/h.


This is Inokim’s main weapon, capable of travelling at a top speed of 65 km/h on both conventional and off-road surfaces! For improved stability on uneven terrain, it sports 10-inch pneumatic tires and a similar revolutionary adjustable swingarm suspension.

black inokim oxo electric scooter

The 60V 25.8 Ah LG Lithium-ion battery is sufficient for a range of up to 98 km, and the dual 1000 Watt brushless motors deliver plenty of “oomph” with a peak output of 1300 Watts. Dual hydraulic brakes are used for braking, which will be helpful when travelling off-road at higher speeds.

It can be folded in five seconds, has a wide deck for stable footing, and is made of a premium aluminium alloy that has already shown its value in the auto sector. This naturally means a little heavier electric scooter, and this one weighs 32 kg.

Quick 3

With a weight of 16.5 kg, this extremely portable e-scooter isn’t ultralight but is still light enough to be picked up and placed in the trunk of a car or taken on a bus. The 450W brushless hub motor offers a very good maximum range of up to 45 km and a high speed of 30 km/h. Rear disc brakes and a front V-brake provide stopping power.

Similar scooters have sturdy tires, but since the Quick 3 Super has no suspension, it has 10-inch pneumatic tires to improve comfort.