How to Choose the Right Data Recovery Services

Data loss can be detrimental to any business, and while it’s common sense to have backup information, common sense isn’t as common as most people think. As a small or medium business owner who needs to think about everything on their own, preparedness is key to keeping business contingency, and this includes having a plan in place in the event of server and backup meltdown.

You can get a ton of data recovery software online, and resolve a lot of data loss issues yourself. However, not everyone is equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform a successful data loss recovery, which can only worsen the situation. That being said, your best bet in an event of losing your data is to contact professional data recovery services. Regardless of whether you need external hard drive, SSD, NAS, SAN or RAID recovery services, you can easily find a company that offers all of the aforementioned data recovery solutions.

raid recovery services

But with so many companies offering external hard drive, SSD, NAS, SAN, and RAID recovery services, how do you pick the right one? Well, the first thing you need to look for is great customer services. You can pretty much tell whether a company treats its customers well straight out the gate. The company’s response should be fast, and customer service should be easily accessible. The representative you get in touch with will be the main point of contact with the recovery service company and they will be the ones recommending the actions you should take.

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Furthermore, look for a service that has a “no data recovered, no cost” policy. Don’t pay for expensive services that don’t provide results. These companies will usually adjust the final cost of the recovery if they only recover some, but not all data. Additionally, these companies will usually give you an average turnaround time for their recovery processes, so you want one that’s fast, just so you can decide what you want to do.

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But the turnaround time isn’t just important for you to decide what you want to do, it’s also important for your business’ operations. You may lose sensitive data that you need back as soon as humanly possible. Expect to pay more if that’s the case, but the importance of sensitive data far outweighs the cost. That being said, some companies offer overnight shipping or courier pickup for your device, and they’ll make your case a priority and work immediately on it, even during their time off.