Ultrasonic Bark Control Device: Keep Your Dog Calm

If you have a dog, you probably already witnessed a loud barking session (especially at night) when your pet is communicating with the neighbouring dogs or simply does that for no apparent reason. It goes on and on and won’t stop and your sleep is definitely ruined. But, there is nothing you can do, because dogs will be dogs and how can you tell a dog to keep it down and go to sleep.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs are expected to bark for many reasons. They may be happy to see another dog or are alerted because an unknown person entered the property. Dogs are territorial and will protect their place, you and the property and they often do so by barking at anyone coming close to your house. But dogs may also bark when they feel separation anxiety or because they seek attention or food.

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And while most dog owners are used to this, sometimes dogs can bark constantly and this can be annoying (not only for you but for your neighbours as well). There is a huge difference between an incessant barker and a dog that wants to ‘tell’ you something. The truth is you can isolate a specific reason why your dog barks, but if it happens all the time, you might want to do something about it.

If you noticed that the barking doesn’t refer to any of the common reasons, you can’t just tell your dog to be quiet. However, what you can do is to train them out of the unwanted behaviour. How? The great news is that you can find a bark control device on the market that will help you teach your dog not to bark as excessively and finally get some peace and quiet.

What Does An Ultra Sonic Bark Device Do?

This is an ultrasonic behaviour deterrent that works by emitting a high-pitched sound when activated. Most commonly, these devices come in the form of a dog collar with an anti-bark system designed to detect loud and excessive barking and emit a high-pitched sound in response.

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These high-pitch sounds are inaudible for humans; the noise they emit is ultrasonic which means only your dog can hear it. The tone will annoy your dog, so it will work as a correction and stop the animal from barking. This is how your dog will learn that barking adds to the noise and will learn how to stay quiet.

You can also find bark control systems that can be placed indoors or outdoors and both respond to barking from any dog in its designated range. Or, you can go for a handheld ultrasonic dog repeller that emits a sound that you yourself can activate with the push of a button. Both types of devices don’t require a collar which is a bonus as this will not only keep your dog quiet but also the neighbouring dogs that join the barking session.

How Effective Are Dog Barking Control Devices?

A dog bark control device can be helpful in most scenarios if you use it properly. Usually, it’s most effective when the dog is still young and can be easily trained. So, if you’re getting a puppy, make sure that an anti bark device is part of the essentials for preparing for your new furry family member.


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However, you should keep in mind that the ultrasonic sounds may irritate some dogs even more so they may start barking even more in protest. And this can make the process of training them more tedious.

If you find that an ultrasonic bark control device is simply too much for your dog, you can try with a less irritating option such as a spray collar. Spray collars are designed to spray water or some unpleasant scent whenever the dog barks excessively. However, it’s best to discuss these devices either with a vet or a training professional before you decide to get one.

How to Use This Device?

If you’re going for an anti bark collar, make sure to pick one that’s designed for the size of your pet. If the collar is meant for a larger dog, not only will it be uncomfortable for your pet to wear, but it will also create a noise that is too much to bear for the little dog’s ears.

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If you opt for an indoor or outdoor anti barking device, it should be positioned in the right place so it can use its maximum range. These devices have a specific range, so placement is key. It should face the dog and the dog must be within the detection area of the device’s microphone. The area between the device and the dog should be clear so nothing can block the ultrasonic noise. When the dog doesn’t bark, you should turn the device off, so the sounds won’t bother the animal (your dog can easily get used to the tone, and it won’t detect it as a sound that happens when it barks, so the effect won’t work any more).

Consult with a professional trainer for advice on these devices and your individual dog.