Infrared Sauna Facts: a Safe Way To Lose Weight and Detox Your Body

As you already know, the path to weight loss is paved with a lot of effort and sweating. Of course, the best way to make your body sweat is through good old physical activity. But how can you sweat when you have a full time job and a toddler to take care of? Our super busy lifestyles leave little room for getting enough body exercise.

So what does that leave us? Probably saunas, as the heat they emit is great in making us sweat just as though we’ve went through an intense workout session. But if you’re the average homeowner with little available space or enough finances to fit an actual sauna room, a far infrared sauna can prove to be the perfect solution for eliminating fat while relaxing at the same time.
Infrared Sauna Weight Loss
These types of portable saunas use an innovative way to generate heat – infrared rays. This means that the heat emitted from a traditional sauna and an infrared one are entirely different. While the heat from steam only affects the top skin layers, infrared saunas emit rays that can penetrate deep beneath the skin, within the fat tissue and the inside of your body. Because the body is warmed up from within, the effects are similar to having a workout – the heart beats faster due to the increased temperature, the blood is pumped more quickly which improves circulation, and your metabolism is activated.

And this kind of sweating – the one that activates your body from within, is the reason why for people regularly using an infrared sauna weight loss is an expected result. According to a research done by the American Medical Association, a 30 – minute sweating session in an infrared sauna can help you burn roughly 600 calories. Who wouldn’t want to see those unwanted kilograms melting away while lying down in a far infrared sauna dome and watching a TV show?

And best of all, you don’t even have to worry about the ugly remnant of excess weight and unwanted fat – cellulite. Cellulite is the toxic waste product that’s trapped in the fat cells beneath the skin. When you lose weight, the pockets with trapped fat remain behind, resulting in the characteristic “orange peel” appearance in the thigh and buttocks area. Thanks to the penetrating power of infrared rays, the cellulite is easily broken down and then quickly removed by the lymphatic system thanks to the increased blood circulation.

But besides eliminating cellulite, infrared saunas are great in removing all kinds of toxins from your body. Because the penetrating heat increases the heart rate and blood flow, the lymphatic system can work more efficiently in eliminating waste from the body. As you can see, by investing in an infrared sauna weight loss solution, you are also investing in your overall health as well.