Why Manuka Honey Skyrockets – Top 10 Facts in Your Pocket

Honey is one of the oldest natural remedies that has been part of the alternative medicine for centuries now. It has multiple uses in many aspects of our living, and this is thanks to its magnificent properties that make it a super-delicious natural food, tasty natural sweetener, and surpassing health promoter.


However, many researches have shown that not all types of honey are beneficial to human’s health. One surely is – meet Manuka honey. This extraordinary natural remedy has helped many people promote their health and treat their wounds. Thus, it is also world-wide known as the ‘healing honey’ which can be found in Australia and New Zealand exclusively.

Watch Dr.Oz talk about antibiotic powers of Manuka honey.

Buy Manuka honey and you will get a remedy for various conditions, from healing digestive illnesses and sore throats, to curing gingvitis and Staph infections. But that is not all, the usage of Manuka goes way beyond that. Time to take a look at the top 10 facts that make Manuka the ultimate remedy of the 21st century.

1. Acne and Enzema – taking into consideration its proven healing and antimicrobial properties, it makes sense that this marvelous honey can help treat these skin conditions. Just apply Manuka on the affected areas for a couple minutes and wash it off with gentle soap and water.

2. Burns, Ulcers and Wounds – A recent study has shown that the use of Manuka honey leads to pain relief in burn patients, improved wound healing in acute cases as well as decreased inflammatory in such patients.


3. Sore Throat – A 2011 research has shown how Manuka honey stops the growth of the Strep bacteria that is known to cause sore throat.

4. Boosts Immunity – A research conducted in 2007 suggested that a component in Manuka stimulates immune cells through TLR4.

5. Allergies – Many people have declared that taking Manuka honey on a regular basis has helped their seasonal allergies and has lessened their need for medications.

6. Gingvitis and Tooth Decay – As a result of its superior antimicrobal properties, sucking or chewing Manuka honey products has proved to decrease plaque as well as reduce bleeding sites in people who suffer from gingvitis.

7. Low Stomach Acid and Acid Reflux – This amazing natural honey is really beneficial at reducing reflux and balancing the digestive system in order to heal intestinal and stomach imbalances.

8. Boosts Health – Buy Manuka honey to improve your overall health and enhance the quality of your life.

9. Skin  This natural remedy is one of the most popular beauty treatments across the world that improves skin tone and texture.

10. Improves Sleep – It is no lie that Manuka helps promote restful sleep. Add a tablespoon of Manuka honey to your milk before bedtime to help release melatonin in the brain, a hormone crucial for deep sleep.