Facts About Oak Wood

For many years, the oak wood has been used for making some of the finest furniture pieces, interior paneling and unique flooring designs. Manufacturers choose this type of wood for its durability and fungal-resistance, and manage to create amazing hard wood floors, tables, chairs, barrels, cabinets, sideboards and many other amazing furniture pieces. The oak wood comes in more than 600 oak species but not all are ideal for making furniture or flooring. The European Oak is the ideal wood for making high quality furniture, thanks to its high tannins, density, highly attractive grain markings and strong nature. Therefore, it is no wonder why the European Oak furniture has been so popular since the Middle ages. If you are looking for high quality furniture with modern look, then stick to the European oak furniture. Not only that you can enjoy the design for many years, but also it will give elegance and glamor to your home.


If you are fan of the European Oak furniture, read the following facts about this amazing wood:

  • Oak wood has density of 0.75 grams per cubic centimeter, which is more than the pine wood that contains 0.43 grams per cubic centimeter. That’s why oak wood is regarded as the most durable, hard and fungal-resistant material, mainly used for making high-quality European Oak furniture.
  • Oak wood has been used for making garden furniture as well. The oak panels in the debating chamber of the House of Commons speak best for the durability of this wood. It was also used for shipbuilding as well, until it was replaced by metal and iron later in the 19th century.
  • The English Oak is one of the most popular oak wood species used for making European Oak furniture. This oak stands for its durability and attractive dark and light rings. This type of wood belongs to the group of Quercus robur and can be found in most parts of Europe and North Africa.
  • Oak wood has been used for making oak barrels for storing red wines, brandy, Scotch whiskey or Bourbon whiskey. The oak gives a unique flavor, color, taste and aroma.
  • Probably you’ve heard about Yamaha and Yamaha Drums. But you surely didn’t know that they use oak wood to make professional drums that produce the brighter and the louder tone.
  • Most oak species live over 200 years and more. An oak tree that was planted during the reign of King John, lasted for 800 years. Now, it’s clear why the oak wood is used for making European oak furniture and flooring. Just imagine how long it would last!