Dream Bathroom: Get Luxe Style With the Right Bath Supplies

The bathroom is the place where you can relax and enjoy your most private time. Therefore, this room should have everything to serve both your hygiene and relaxation needs. But besides that, it’s also one of the rooms that guests can have a closer look at. That being said, the bathroom supplies you introduce should match well and work well in the space.

When decorating the bathroom, it’s important to plan things carefully. The available space is the first thing that will set the tone of the place. If it’s a small bathroom, everything should be measured precisely – the bathroom supplies should not suffocate the space. But worry not, your bathroom can look luxurious regardless of its size or your available budget as long as you get the right fixtures.

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While bathtubs, sinks and toilet suites may be more on the expensive side, you can still upgrade your bathroom space and get a luxe style by updating some of the smaller fixtures. Choosing stylish and functional mixers, showerheads and similar accessories can give your bathroom the much-needed luxe style. Here are some tips that can be of great help when browsing a bath supply store.

Bath Mixers

Instead of a regular tap, consider getting a bath mixer. Bath mixers are practical and are available in a number of stylish designs. They draw hot and cold water which can mix together in a single spout for utmost convenience and saving space. They can look well both on bathroom sinks or baths but also in the shower. You can easily regulate the water temperature and the water pressure by moving the handle.

In Wall

As the name says, this bath mixer is installed into the wall. They come with one spout and two taps. The pipework and the plumbing are hidden behind the tiles, which makes this model a popular choice if you want a modern and minimalist bathroom style. These mixers are great for bathtubs that have no pre-drilled holes; the mixer can be mounted directly above the bath. However, reparations can be tricky since the pipework is closed within the wall.


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These bath mixers are mounted on the tub and are usually a great option if you have a freestanding bathtub that you want to stand on its own (instead of to be placed right to the wall). These taps are best for larger bathrooms, where not only the bathtub will be placed away from the wall, but also because the tap will be visible with all its glory.

Shower Screens

These glass panels will stop the flood that occurs whenever you’re using your bath or having a shower. This is quite a practical bath supply product that looks far better than shower curtains. In fact, this is a better option not only for aesthetical reasons but because it’s far easier for cleaning.

A quality bath screen is going to be very durable (compared to shower curtains, which you’ll probably change far more often). Made of glass, shower screens have various thicknesses and can keep everything dry and safe once you get out of the bathtub.

Single Screen

These are made of a single panel of glass which can be moved with a hinge. These screens are the most common choice since they have a simple design that doesn’t require nooks and crannies. It’s easy to install and excellent for smaller bathrooms and smaller bathtubs.

Double Panel

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As the name says, the double panel can be opened in several ways. The panels can work similarly to doors, and as such aren’t suitable for small and narrow bathroom. These doors tend to be a bit longer which is great if you have a longer bathroom. Unlike single screens which may allow some splashes if you’re not careful, with this type of shower screen, the bathroom to remain completely dry when you take a shower.

Folding Screen

The folding screens can be pushed and folded in a narrow shape once you’re done showering. This is a great idea that allows easier access to the tub (ideal if you have children). The foldable screens are great for smaller bathrooms where every centimetre of the space is important.


Of course, how much you’re going to enjoy your daily showers will largely depend on the choice of showerhead. Ask yourself: Do you like to have your hands free and enjoy a rainfall effect, or prefer to be able to control the spray of water? Do you want the showerhead to blend in with the rest of the taps in the bathroom or do you want it to stand out by having a different kind of finish? The answers to these questions can help you pick a functional and attractive showerhead.

Towel Holders

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No bathroom is complete without towel holders. Any bathroom store has at least five different models. You can go with a rake, a hook, a cool design of a heated rail that can be mounted on the wall, won’t take much space and will keep your towels dry at all times. Place the holders near the sink or the shower, so you can always have the towel close to you when you need it.

Soap Dispensers

It’s the little accessories that give the final touch to the bathroom. The soap dispensers may seem like the least important thing, but these items can complete the entire design. You can get a classy glass bottle where you’ll keep your soap, or you can go with a minimalist metal or clay dispenser. A classic metal soap holder (for soap bars) can add a nostalgic old-timey touch.