Bring Spring Into Your Home with Wallpaper With Flowers

Spring is the perfect weather season: it’s a blend of all the good things of both hot and not so hot weather. It has enough sun to lift up your mood and allow you to wear less clothes, but it also brings rain to make everything appear a little more romantic and beautiful. And not to talk about nature and the entire world around us – everything awakes and revives in spring! Birds singing, blue skies above us and most importantly, colourful vast surfaces turning the world into a far more appealing scene. All those flowers nature blessed with heavenly colours serve as inspiration for a number of areas: fashion and interior design being the most popular.

Wallpaper With Flowers

When it comes to using flower inspiration in interior design, besides flower arrangements that work as the most amazing decorative elements, your rooms can get that flowery charm by incorporating wallpaper with flowers.

A dose of spring paradise

A wallpaper that pictures flowers in a bold colour along with paradise birds can add colour, charm and direction to a room’s design. That means you’ll have to adjust your furniture colour and decorations to the most dominating colour in the wallpaper. This type of wallpaper with flowers is quite specific due to the strong nuances of colours it has.

Fantasy spring

This is the type of wallpaper with flowers that looks like flower vines are emerging from some mysterious point from the bottom of the wall. The background would normally be in a strong colour like blue, some screaming pink or a pastel, and the vines with flowers would be in a contrary nuance. It gives you the feeling like you’re in some magical place with tons of flowers coming out of everywhere. Truly calming.

Discretion and elegance

Think a neutral base like white or beige or even some nuances of brown with flowers from the same colour palette but in stronger tones. These are discreet wallpapers since they don’t add drama and the screaming colour effect to a room. You’d go with these if your home is more traditional rather than modern and playful.

Vintage flower scenes

You probably thought of your grandmother’s kitchen now as these wallpapers are very close to that colour combo. Think of pastels, like yellow and brown pastel tones and flowers that aren’t arty but more like geometrical forms used to create the shape. They’d also be in the same colour family which doesn’t allow too much versatility and play.