Why Everyone Suddenly Loves Self-Watering Indoor Modern Planters

Not everyone has the means to grow a full outdoor garden. Living in the city means you are most likely limited in space, meaning odds are you probably don’t have a front yard to create a garden in the first place. Living in an apartment, for example, can leave you with only a balcony to work with, which let’s be honest, is probably not as spacious as you would like it to be. There are modern solutions to all these issues though. Take self-watering modern indoor planters for example. They are the future of indoor and outdoor gardening for that matter and are ideal for those who lead busy lives and are constantly traveling.


Their design makes growing fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers in any urban environment easy and doable. Simply put, these modern indoor planters combine the best of both worlds – practicality and use. Their self-watering feature screams practicality! Think about all the time you’d save not having to water your plants every day. All there is for you to do, is fill the reservoir via its fill points – usually once a week. Their integrated self-watering system enables plants to take as much water as they need. Moreover, these planters are designed to keep the nutrients within the soil. The outcome – your plants will thrive regardless of your busy schedule. Although a built-in water reservoir (no more worrying whether you have watered your plants or not) is a good enough reason to order one or more self-watering modern indoor planters now, don’t rush it. There are other elements you should consider as well.

First and foremost, decide on the size. Look around your room, see what the interior looks like, decide where you want your planters to be placed. Once you solve these things, you can decide on the colour, shape as well as on the type of planter you want to purchase, so it perfectly matches your furniture and blends in flawlessly. If you lack the floor space for a larger planter, there are alternatives. Mini self-watering planters can be attached on a wall or placed on your desk. Plus, these are inter-connectable which makes them extremely versatile.

What type of plants do you want to plant in them? This is the next question you need to ask yourself. This is also essential when deciding on the planters, make sure they are big enough for your plants. Having larger plants in small planters can lead to the roots cramping and the plants slowly dying.