Beyond Storage: A Simple Shed Can Be so Much More

Now, we all know that the standard use of a shed is for storage, but hear me out. It has so much more potential. A garden shed that’s built for durability and functionality can be so much more than just a space in which you keep tools, garden equipment and things you don’t use anymore. Do you want to upgrade your garden with such a versatile addition? Then, you’re going to love our tips on how to pick out a durable shed that blends into your space perfectly. And after we get all those intricacies out of the way, we’re going to list all of the awesome things a simple shed can be!

Finding a Shed That’s Made to Last and Fits Your Space

Steel Garden shed storage

When you’re looking for a shed to buy you need to pay attention to the materials used. Mainly, there are types of options on the market – wooden, plastic and steel garden sheds. While wooden sheds have that lovely traditional look, they can be difficult to maintain as they need to be repainted often and are susceptible to damage from moisture and pests. While plastic sheds don’t face those problems, they can easily be tipped over by strong winds. And let’s be honest, they aren’t the most attractive solution, right? So, that leaves us with steel sheds.

If you want a garden shed made to last and which you can use for anything you put your mind to, choose one made from steel. Steel outdoor sheds are sturdy and long-lasting while also having a sleek look. Due to the properties steel has, it allows for the creation of sheds with thinner walls, unlike wood and plastic. As a result, you can easily find a small steel garden sheds that can fit any outdoor space perfectly.

What’s more, Colorbond steel sheds are available in all kinds of hues to choose from. You can even fully customise a small steel garden shed to better fit your available space and home’s design. Another great thing about steel outdoor storage sheds is that they usually come with a long warranty (around 20 years, or more) so you won’t have to worry about any surprises or problems arising along the way.

To be able to make the most from a shed, it’s recommended to buy one with double doors for easy access. And if you want something beyond the standard shed, you can accessorise it with a skylight sheet, a sliding Perspex window or maybe both. You’re going to need the additional natural light source if you’re planning to make something special out of the standard shed.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge on how to pick a quality shed, here are some of the ways you can put it to use!

Make a Functional Outdoor Kitchen Out of Your Shed

If you want to escape the ordinary, you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen within the shed’s four walls. Cooking is easier and more fun outside, especially in summer. You don’t have to worry about all the smells and more people can cook at the same time. You can show off your BBQ skills, organise dinners, and spend precious time with your loved ones.

What’s more, such an outdoor kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it. After all, who wouldn’t want a compact and functional outdoor kitchen to experiment with new recipes and culinary undertakes?

Another positive thing is that with the help of the outdoor kitchen you actually expend your home and make use of all the free space you have in your backyard. And let’s not forget how beneficial it is for humans to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We’re all stuck on our desks and in front of computers working for most of the day. An outdoor kitchen is a great excuse to spend some time outside!

Garden Sheds Can Make Great Art Studios

If you’re a painter that lacks the privacy and free space inside the home or an enthusiast that wants to start painting just as a hobby, a shed can be the perfect art studio. It can be a place that you can solely dedicate to creating masterpieces and further mastering your painting skills in privacy.

That skylight sheet we previously mentioned would be the perfect natural light source and can create a great setting to unleash your creativity. All the extra space you have can be used to store already finished paintings and paintings that need to dry out, away from your home where they can emit fumes and annoy the people living with you. A steel shed’s robust walls are also perfect for installing shelves on which you can place all the brushes, paint, paper and canvas, pallets, graphite pencils, towels and much more.

Even if you’re not that much into painting but more into sculpting and creating art installations, still a garden shed would be the right place for that. It offers you space along with precious privacy so that you can properly devote yourself to creating art.

Why Not Convert a Shed into a Small Gym?

It’s never too late to commit to a healthy lifestyle and lose those extra kilos. And by that, I don’t mean only sticking to a healthy diet and using natural meal replacement shakes, but also regular working out. But if you’re not the type of person that has a gym membership or loves going to a gym, you can create a gym of your own and train at your own pace in your own backyard.

A garden shed is perfect for converting into a home gym. There’s enough space for you to put exercising mats and your favourite equipment. Start with the basics like resistance bands, jump rope, dumbbells, pull up bar, kettlebells and a workout bench. As you progress, you can expand the list and enjoy the benefits of having a personal gym and a nicely toned body.

Garden Sheds Offer Ideal Privacy for a Home Office

Home offices are becoming more popular as more and more people work remotely. While remote work has its advantages, sometimes it can be really hard to focus when it’s crowded at home and if you don’t have your own personal space. But the good news is, you can create the perfect home office space just outside your door.

The garden shed is close and at the same time far away from anyone, meaning you’ll be alone devoting to what you do and isolated from all the noise. The only things you need to bring in are your computer, high-speed internet access, and home office furniture built for comfort and support. But you can also install a mini bar if you feel like it, and decorate the space in whatever way and style you want. It can be your own private space where you can arrange meetings, talk with colleagues and focus 100% on what you’re doing without any distractions.