Step Up Your BBQ Game With the Right Accessories

Having a grill in your backyard is one of the best things you can do for your free time. It’s not just the cooking part, but also bonding with your friends and family, hanging under the sun and eating perfectly grilled food. Gathering your loved ones and preparing grilled foods, is a wonderful way to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds, including vegans and vegetarians by making some delicious vegan foods that contain protein. However, this article isn’t about the things you should grill, but rather the small accessories that could make your grilling easier and more practical.

grill bbq

Now that you got your grill, you certainly would need a few grill accessories. Buying the right bbq accessory set may be overwhelming since there are too many pieces you can include. It may be a real fun killer to invite everyone over, get the food you want to grill and realise that you lack some important grilling tool. To avoid such moments, make sure you get the most needed and practical grill accessories. We want to help you, so here’s our list.

A Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer bbq

Eating undercooked meat can be very dangerous. No matter how well you think you cooked your meat, sometimes it may not be evenly cooked. A digital thermometer will help to know the precise temperature of the meat and whether it’s ready or not. This is an easy to use bbq accessory – just leave in the meat, and it’ll show the temperature to your phone. The meat thermometer will give you an easy, quick and accurate temperature reading. It will detect the parts of the meat the don’t seem evenly cooked. You won’t have to guess, or poke the meat with a fork, or cut it in half to check it (and destroy the integrity). Pretty smart, right?

Heat Resistant Gloves

bbq grill gloves

Burning your fingers is not the most fun thing to do while grilling, but it can happen if you’re not protected, no matter how careful you are. Heat resistant gloves are amazing protection for your gentle skin. The silicone finish over the palms and fingers will allow you to touch even the hottest things (up to 800 Celsius degrees). You can also use them when cooking inside your indoor kitchen too (baking, frying, etc).

Heavy Duty Tongs

Placing the meat and vegetable on the grill should be done with heavy-duty tongs. It’s more hygienic and you’ll avoid burning your fingers (even if you wear your heat resistant gloves, the tongs are especially practical). Turn the food from one side to the other with these and once everything is grilled, use the tongs to serve the food on plates.

Be sure the tongs are comfortable to grip. The length is important too. Too long and working with them may be a burden; too short, and you could easily get burned. The handles shouldn’t be plastic (when you hold them close to the heat, they may melt). Silicone and stainless steel are the best options.

Kabob Skewers

Kabob Skewers bbq

Are you even grilling meat (or vegetables) if you don’t make kabob skewers? Sure, those bamboo skewers are natural, but they are disposable and you’ll have to get new ones over and over again. Instead, metal kabob skewers will last for a long time, and you won’t have to deal with splinters in your food.

BBQ Cover

bbq cover outdoor

One of the most important barbecue accessories is the BBQ cover. Once you’re done grilling, you should protect the grill. Sure, it’s made to endure any type of weather, but a little care won’t hurt. If you live in a humid climate, cover your grill to protect it. A suitable BBQ cover will help the grill stay intact from the humidity (which can easily cause corrosion). Dry climate may sound like ideal, but wind, debris and dust can also damage the grill.

Living on the coasts is another challenge for your grill. The salty air and unpredictable weather can damage the grill. Additionally, rain, winds, and snow, it may all damage it. Of course, nobody expects you to keep the grill outside (unless it’s a built-in model that is supposed to stay outside), but even if it’s stored in your basement, it should be covered. The least the cover can do is keep it clean and protected from dust.


grill charcoal

If you have a charcoal grill, you’d naturally need a bag of charcoal. Sure, this one requires more effort to even start the cooking process, controlling the temperature, and cleaning after the grilling. But, it’s amazing that afterwards, you’d get to taste an old-school grilled steak with that amazing smokey flavour.

So, if you’re into some old-fashioned grilling, make sure to get the right charcoal. Our suggestion is B&B Natural Oak Briquets that are sourced from the U.S and have a reputation for long burning and clean charcoal that creates an exceptional taste. The oak flavour would make every meat and vegetable taste ten times better.

Charcoal Baskets

If you’re using charcoal, do yourself a favour and get charcoal baskets too. Store the charcoal in them and set the baskets on the side of the grill. This way you can easily reach for it and use it, instead of having to dig’ into the huge paper bag.

Cleaning Tools

grill tools bbq

The not-so-fun-part that has to be done – cleaning. Cleaning the grill cannot be done with the same sponge you use for your dishes.
Besides the classic metal bristles, you can get a grit-infused nylon bristles brush. It will successfully clean cool grates, leaving the grill perfectly clean. These models usually have an attached scraper blade so you can easily remove the carbon deposits.