How to Choose the Right Blinds Block Out Prying Eyes, Not the Sun

When it comes to window treatments, the opinions on whether there should be one or not, are completely divided. I’ve met a lot of people who have embraced the trend of completely naked windows to achieve the ultimate stylish effect. There are also people who can’t seem to accept the fact that some trends don’t involve window treatments of any kind. Meaning, they stick to having something, anything covering their windows by all means.

While the ‘naked-windows’ trend is exactly it – naked windows (enabling your neighbours to spy on you as much as they want to), the trend of having some kind of window treatment is still here and therefore, deserves some attention. Whether it’s curtains, or you’re going to choose one of the many types of blinds available on the market, the window treatment needs to be carefully chosen. It needs to complement the room’s design, offer a dose of privacy and a light management. In this post, I’ll write about the different types that online custom blinds retailers offer, and the different effects they custom blinds

Roman blinds

Once old-fashioned and largely avoided in the past few years of interior design evolution, Roman shades have made a big comeback. When you search the online custom blinds offer by specialized retailers, you’ll find them as either monochromatic window treatments (which you can use if your room is rich in colours and decorations), or colourful and patterned (if you need something to break the design monotony in the room). They’re mainly made from a flat piece of material and are held by a cord which raises the blind once it’s being pulled.

Vertical blinds

If you’re a fan of ‘floor to ceiling’ windows which offer all the light there could possibly be, then you’d benefit the most from installing vertical blinds. As beautiful as these windows may be, they put everything from the inside of your home on total display! Just imagine if your windows are facing a neighbor’s home – they’ll get real theater-like scenes for free. Vertical blinds are perfect for this type of windows as they can offer total privacy, but can also have the vanes pulled to the side of the window with a child-safe wand control rotated for 180 degrees to close and open the view.

Double Roller blinds

These are more like a modern combination of two completely different types of blinds on a single modern bracket. They also provide the best of both worlds: privacy and sun light, although I wouldn’t recommend them for ‘floor-to-ceiling’ windows. These are perfect for large windows in a kitchen, a dining room, or a living room designed to offer more privacy. It’s important here to choose the right sunscreen/blackout fabric and of course, the right colour.