A Comprehensive Guide to Mass Gainer Supplements for Optimal Muscle Growth

So you’re officially on your journey to get ripped and bulky. The excitement is through the roof, isn’t it? You’re ready to follow a strict gym regimen and take the proper dietary supplements to achieve your goals. But what you need to know is that burning fat and gaining lean muscle might be a little harder than it looks. You need to have a higher intake of calories than the ones you burn, combined with a decent amount of proteins and other nutrients. Going to the gym alone and avoiding fatty foods are both great ways to start but they won’t get you too far on their own.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that a simple protein shake a day doesn’t really cut it. If you really want to gain lean muscle but you’re struggling with eating large amounts of food to make up for all the lost proteins and carbs, then you might want to consider adding effective mass protein weight gainer supplements to your diet. This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, we promise. With the right instructions on how to use them, you’ll be gaining weight in no time. And we’re here to lay down the basics.

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What Does a Mass Gainer Do to Your Body?

In a nutshell, mass gainers are powerful supplements that help you grow muscle mass. They contain optimal levels of proteins, carbs and other beneficial nutrients to help your muscles become stronger. In this way, your exercise routine will be more effective and you’ll start noticing a difference in no time.

Generally speaking, they come in the form of powder which can be mixed with a drink of your choice. Most people choose either water or milk. Each mass gainer supplement comes with detailed instructions on how many scoops you should take. Make sure you follow the instructions and use the mass gainers properly in order to maximise results.

When Should You Take Mass Gainer Supplements?

This greatly depends on your desired calorie and carb intake and how much muscle you want to gain. Some supplements are specifically tailored to be most effective at certain points during the day so be mindful of any notes like that on the packaging.

A general rule of thumb is that if you want to gain muscles and healthy fat quickly, you should take your supplements post-workout. This is because as you’re exercising, micro-tears occur in your muscles and they get tired over time. For this reason, your body needs all the help it can get to balance out the healthy nutrients and carbs and stimulate muscle growth and recovery. Remember to take them on your off days too. Another option would be to take weight gainer supplements in between meals so that you have all the extra calories you need throughout the day.

For the most part, the timing is not really that important. It all comes down to personal preference and as long as you meet your daily calorie intake goals, you should be fine.

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Why Should You Take Mass Gainers?

Apart from the obvious, which is increased muscle growth, these supplements have a few other subtle benefits to your overall health.

Increased Calorie And Healthy Fat Intake

These two are essential for muscle growth. If you’re not getting enough of them from your regular food regimen, the weight gainers will provide the rest. It’s important to set daily goals and do your best to meet them. Discipline and patience are required when you’re trying to get the most out of your workout.

Rich In Healthy Nutrients And Carbohydrates

At their core, mass gainers are dietary supplements. As the name suggests, they’re supplementing your body with all the nutrients and carbohydrates it lacks from your original diet. Make no mistake, they’re by no means a replacement for actual food, they just offer an extra helping hand.

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Avoiding Potential Side Effects

While mass protein weight gainer supplements are extremely beneficial and effective if you want to put on bulk and lean muscle quickly, they have a few disadvantages if they’re not used properly. Here’s what to look out for.

Gradually Increase the Amount

Look, we know you’re ecstatic about gaining muscle mass and seeing your biceps and pecs grow but you definitely need to go slow. Don’t start off too strong too soon because this might lead to serious health issues in the future, including nausea, diarrhea and even breathing problems. Your body isn’t used to the powder yet so give it some time to adjust. This is why you need to start off small and then gradually increase the amount over time. Take it step by step each day for optimal muscle growth.

Don’t Use Too Many Supplements at Once

You know the saying – go big or go home? Yeah, forget about that. If you go big on supplements, you might go home with some serious damage. Our point is, don’t use as many supplements as you can at the same time. We get it, different supplements have different ingredients and functions and you want to have it all. But it doesn’t work like that. Some supplements don’t go well together but even if they did, your body can only handle so much at once. Change doesn’t happen overnight so don’t rush the process.