The Interesting Reality of BMX Bikes and Their Different Types

different types bmx bikes

If you are considering to buy a BMX bike, you probably want to know all there is about this world-known brand. Well, you are in the right place. For starters, BMX stands for Bicycle Moto-X and it was established back in 1960 in Southern California. The smallest bike is called “micro” and its wheels have a diameter of 45 cm. The biggest ramp used in BMX Supercross track was eight meters high, which is pretty much the height of two African elephants.

Furthermore, BMX bikes are made of a special material – Chromoly and they come in many different types designed to fit different riding styles and conditions: street, race, dirt, flatland, and park. From all the different types they come in – youth, entry, mid-level, pro-level – I’ve got the BMX bikes Academy brand, a mid-level ride which gave me a good bang for my buck. Let’s talk more details.

Youth Bikes

youth bmx bike

These bikes are designed for young riders who are just starting out with BMX. They come with different specifications and prices to suit the different riders’ needs but they still have one thing in common – their size. Standard BMX bikes have 50cm wheels, while the youth models use smaller frame and wheel sizes of 40cm or 45cm. These models are most suitable for riders from six to ten years. Another choice for younger riders are BMX bikes for toddlers which come with 50cm wheels size and have a smaller frame.

Entry Bikes

academy entrant bmx

Entry BMX bikes are a great choice for first-time riders and they suit all riding styles. If you are just starting with BMX riding and you are looking for something to ride to the local park every now and then – go with some cheaper version of an entry bike. On the other hand, if you are a bit advanced rider and you plan on riding every day, then you need a model with more advanced features, strength, and more durable parts.

Mid-Level Bikes

academy aspire mid entry level bmx

These bikes are something between entry and pro bikes. They are designed to fit the needs of most of today’s riders. One of the most popular mid-level bikes is the Aspire BMX from the Academy BMX range. Academy is a new Australia-based brand that provides beginner riders with good quality bikes at affordable prices. The Aspire BMX bikes Academy brand is ideal for street, park, and dirt riding and has the features of many high-end bike models. Loaded with alloy components and high-quality CrMo, these bikes are strong, light and built to last. Finished with eye-catching colors, the Aspire BMX is a perfect choice for people who want a quality BMX bike without breaking their bank.

Pro-Level Bikes

doing tricks with pro level bmx

If you need a bike that will keep up with your expert riding level, you need to consider a high-end complete BMX bike. Buying a low-end bike from this range is a wise idea as it will provide you with a great base to upgrade your bike as your riding skills develop. Once you start using and upgrading it, you will notice that this bike is more like a custom-built one. The only way to have the BMX bike you want the most is to buy a pro-level bike and upgrade it yourself using the best aftermarket parts of your choice.