Want to Date a Girl? Write a Poem for Her!

If you want to date a girl, write a poem for her. Poetry has an enduring appeal as a sign of affection, because when writing poetry you can show your feelings in a personal and creative way. A lot of poetry styles are based on a romantic theme and there are no set rules about what exactly the sentimentality should be. However, you will feel a bit vulnerable when putting your feelings out on display, but writing a poem for her could be the perfect way to start a relationship.

love quotes for girlfriend

Step One

Have a brainstorming session where you think on what you would like your love poem to say. Think about what feelings and emotion you would like to express in your poem, maybe it will describe a specific event on a shared experience or maybe it will tell a story which will evolve over a period of time. Even though all poets have varying techniques for writing, it’s quite useful to create a map in your minds which will explore your emotions on paper. Write down the feelings and words which are inspired in you by the subject of the poem and then write down the mental images that those words make in your mind.

Step Two

Figure out which style of writing you would like to use when writing love quotes for girlfriend. Following a style of writing gives your poem sense of continuity, writing structure and a unique element to the composition of your poem. You have many styles to choose from, from the famous sonnet and haiku to less known styles like ghazal poetry and, of course, you have the free verse, which is a great starting point for new poets.

Step Three

Start writing the poem. Even though this is often the hardest step, think about the positive thing, if a love poem was easy to write, it wouldn’t have the impact that it has when it’s hard to write. Have an appreciation for the challenge of putting your emotions and feelings in the perfect words and pausing for a long time when figuring out what these words and phrases are.

Step Four

Revise and edit your love poems for her. The first thing you write won’t be the best, but that’s why you can make it better. Read through your poem and delete what you don’t like or change it for something better. Let the poem sit for a couple of days, then go through the same process. The process of revising and editing is important to make your poem for her the best it can be, and that takes time.