Sex Toys: 15 Wacky Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Sex and the City show may be long over (still grieving over it; it was my religion), but I certainly learned from it. For example, so many life advice on fashion from Carrie and her famous ‘men come and go, but friends are forever’ statement. And what about Samantha Jones. Her actions may have been ‘too much to swallow’ at times, but she taught me to be independent and confident. But it is the sex advice that made Samantha every girls’ favourite TV character.


Who can forget the ‘Samantha and the Vibrator’ scene in season 5, episode 6. For many it was another typical Samantha moment, but for me it was a moment of epiphany. Up until that particular moment, I just like millions of other young women, was extremely embarrassed about sex toys and self-pleasuring. For me, it was a guy thing. After all, the society isn’t that open to female masturbation; it is a big no-no.

It was then that I decided to give sex toys a try. I decided to replace the feeling of guilt, fear and shame with curiosity. But first I decided to do a little research. Oh, boy, was I in for a surprise. Did you know the vibrators were initially made for mental patients, to cure hysteria in ‘crazy’ women. It weighed about 18 kg and required two people to operate. Surprised! I was too. Here are few more jaw-dropping facts about sex toys.


  • Do you know why the famous Vibratex Rabbit vibrator Charlotte became addicted to (Sex and the City, season 1, episode 9), is made in the shape of a rabbit? According to Shay Martin, the owner of Vibratex, because the sex toys were manufactured in Japan where penis-like devices were prohibited, the company had to come up with a more creative design.
  • Men are not in love with vibrators. So not true. According to recent servery, over 80% of women have had one in bed with a man.
  • The sales of sex toys increase for over 50% on Valentine’s Day. In 2014, one in five people have bought a sex toy instead of traditional ‘flower and chocolate’ gift for their partner. This makes me wonder – does V stand for Valentine’s or a vibrator.
  • If you thought a vibrator or a dildo are the top-selling sex toy, think again. It’s LUBE ladies.
  • Dildo may not be the top-selling sex toy, but it certainly is the oldest one. The 30,000 years old 20 cm long and 3 cm wide dildo was found in Hohle Fels Cave in Germany.
  • In India, sex toys are banned. And so are in Alabama, USA.
  • Over 75% of Australians use sex toys or similar ‘spice up sex life’ gadgets.
  • Over 70% of Australian women who use sex toys are between 30 and 50 years old.
  • 28% of male Australians use sex toys and mostly those who are in the 35-50 age group.
  • You’d think that single people are top sex toy users. According to recent numbers, only 16% of singles use sex gadgets, while almost 50% of married Australians experiment with sex gadgets. Surprised!
  • Although 51% of Australian women admitted to using a sex toy at least once a month, only 4% toy with themselves on a daily basis.
  • Did you know that 22% of Australian women are proud owners of one sex toy? Over 65% own more than one.
  • From lubricants, sex dolls and bondage to vibrators and anal toys, vibrators are still the most popular sex toys in Australia.
  • Although sex toys are no longer a taboo, still 67% of Aussies buy the toys online and spend anywhere between $100 and $300 on each purchase.
  • Queensland may be the second-largest state in Australia, but is a number on when it comes to number of Aussies that use and buy sex toys.