Finding a Deeper Love This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, all of us are looking for affection from someone. If we don’t have someone to give us that affection, go out with, have a romantic dinner. We see ourselves as unworthy of love, undesirable or not good enough to have a romantic relationship with a loved one. We just put ourselves down, deem ourselves unlovable and give up on love, while being sad and miserable.


We know that having a romantic relationship is wonderful, it intoxicates you and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. However, there is a deeper kind of love that goes on through us and lives between us. That love is the love that doesn’t keep score in a relationship, it embraces us and our partner to go through the trials and triumphs of life. It’s the love that generously through the heart smiles to a stranger and sends a kind message.

It’s the love that allows us to say that we love someone but don’t agree with their actions and behavior. It’s the love that if firstly given to us with the loving care of our mind, body and soul and with the unconditionally and overflowing generosity given to others. It’s the love that is celebrating and accepting our differences and our oneness as we go on through our lives and sharing our common humanity.Because of this, this Valentines’s Day regardless of your love life, participate as a giver of loving kindness without limitations.

Spread the love around by doing random acts of kindness and love. For example, you can write some short love quotes for your loved one. Be a dispenser of love and kindness to all around you. However, don’t forget about yourself do something that will nurture you. It’s simple if you want more love, give more love, and this is not just for Valentine’s Day, but do this every day. Activate the energy of love that’s within you by looking through your eyes with love. There is more love around you that’s available than you could ever think you need or feel. Reach into the deepest depths within you and unleash the love to lavishly love yourself and those around you. This deeper kind of love is really infectious, but it’s fun, free and healthy, it’s yours for the taking.