Wallpaper: Latest Trends, Plus Few Interesting Facts

Wallpaper has been around for a very long time and its popularity has come and gone throughout the ages. These last few years have definitely favoured wallpaper and many interior designers have seen it come back into style. Now many of you might not know just how much wallpaper trends have changed and how gone are the days of those horrible, outdated prints. Wallpaper manufacturers really stepped up their game and have come out with great ideas and designs over the past few years which more and more people seem to be using to spice up the look of their homes. You can find wallpaper Australia wide in more and more homes, below we will cover some of the latest trends that have been popping up in homes and some interesting facts about wallpaper you might not know.

Trends In Wallpaper

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  • Floral Prints – Now this is not the floral prints you would find at your grandma’s house. These prints are bold, daring, modern, and new. Most people seem to be choosing large prints over smaller ones which looks a bit outdated. As far as colour schemes go, you can find these prints in both neutral and bright colours.
  • Geometric Prints – Look clean and orderly all while making a very bold statement. They look the best in simple rooms like the bathroom or foyer. Some people have even made bold statements by adding them to the ceiling. They are a great take on what new wallpaper designs look like and have certainly proven to be a popular one.
  • Animal Prints – This is one trend that is only for the daring. Animal prints have been popular for quite some time now and it’s easy to see why. A print like this just screams sensuality and luxury. These prints look great in powder rooms, used on a feature wall, you could also use it in a hallway to give it some texture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing animal prints.
  • Children’s Prints – These have become a must have for parents that want to make their kids room look special with wallpaper Australia wide. There are so many varieties when it comes to wallpaper for children. There are prints with trees, birds, hot air balloons, ships, pirates, the list is literally endless. All you need is your imagination to choose the perfect print for your child’s bedroom.


Facts On Wallpaper

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  • The very first wallpaper that was used dates back to 200 B.C in China. The Chinese then passed down this knowledge of making wallpaper to many other cultures which it was moulded and improved on.
  • The oldest pieces of European wallpaper that still exist date back all the way to 1509. These pieces of wallpaper were found on the beams at the Lodge of Christ’s College in England.
  • Americans only started using wallpaper in 1739 when it was brought to Philadelphia.
  • The first wallpaper pasting machines were invented at the turn of the 20tth century.
  • Only after World War 2 were wallpapers improved to be more durable, stain resistant, and washable. It was done by mixing wallpaper with plastic resins.
  • In 1675, Jean Michel Papillon started printing paper with repetitive designs using blocks which is how wallpaper designs today started.
  • Louis XVI issued a decree in 1778 that ordered wallpaper must be a roll about 34 feet long.