Bamboo: The Facts Behind This Amazing Fabric

What do high fashion designers Oscar de la Renta, Kate O’Connor and Diane von Fustenberg have in common with family friendly eco-clothing brands? Not much, besides using bamboo fabric in their lines. It seems that the whole world has gone crazy over bamboo. And this is not a bad thing because bamboo is an eco-friendly material – there are no pesticides or chemicals involved in its production, meaning less pollution for the environment. And since it’s the fastest growing plant on earth, we’re not going to run out of it for a long time. This is great news for the two biggest consumers of bamboo – pandas and the textile industry. Perhaps we can’t understand why pandas love it so much, but after becoming aware of some bamboo facts, we can surely understand why it is such a popular fabric.


The Origins of Bamboo Fabric

Normally, you would associate bamboo with paper, furniture, and flooring. For centuries, people would use bamboo as material for building houses, bridges, and even ships. It’s said that bamboo in its timber form can be stronger than steel. Surprisingly, in recent times bamboo became very popular in the textile industry. The Chinese, having such a large amount of bamboo trees growing wild and in plantations, introduced textiles made of bamboo in the 20th century. And starting from there, bamboo has taken the world by storm. Today you can find plenty of beautiful clothing and bedding made of bamboo fabric online or in specialized stores.

Bamboo is Naturally Antibacterial

Bamboo has a natural antibacterial ingredient called “bamboo kin” which serves as protection against bacteria and fungi. In a study, scientists compared bamboo, cotton and viscose rayon fabrics for the amount of bacteria they can kill over a 24-hour period. Bamboo killed nearly all of the bacteria, while viscose rayon managed to destroy only half of them. Cotton, on the other hand, did not kill any. What this suggests is that bamboo fabric can keep your clothes, sheets, diapers, towels and much morel, clean and fresh for a longer time. Moreover, because bamboo keeps germs away, it’s also the healthiest choice of fabric for people with asthma, allergies, or skin conditions.


Bamboo Offers Incredible Comfort for Less

Bamboo is often referred to as “cashmere you can afford”. And this is not far wrong. Bamboo fabric consists of long, solid fibres that give it a silky, soft feel. Moreover, bamboo is highly absorbent. Clothes and bedding made of bamboo absorb moisture incredibly quick, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. However, people love bamboo the most because of its thermal properties – being able to keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool you off when temperatures begin to rise. Everything you’ve been searching for in a fabric – bamboo has it! Gift yourself these amazing benefits of bamboo and browse through the wide range of products made of bamboo fabric online and in brick and mortar stores.